Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Do Something With This Later

I took a look around my house and was amazed -- and aghast -- at how many corners were filled with little piles of I'll do something with this later I took a few photos as I wanted to make a quick mosaic (well, quick is certainly not the word to use when I've never done a photo mosaic before)....

So no mosaic today, but since we all like visuals,
here's a peek of what has ended up in corners waiting for its turn....

Tissue and wedding wrapping paper choices,
not to mention a stray 'recycle' bag...

More wrapping tissues and ribbons...

Kitchen table topped with catalogues
and  mailbox whatnot...

Small antique table with more paper paraphernalia,
not to mention the ever present birding book
for sightings in the garden...

Even the piano bench has stuff on the move:
movies borrowed from friends, 
a little pouch of saffron that should be in the spice cupboard,
and the wedding invitation...

Atop bedside table...

Beneath the spare desk...

Is there no end to the piles???

And no, we haven't posted any photos of dust bunnies.
It seems these little 'people' are quite camera shy!

* * *

I get a certain kind of energy bubbling when I turn icky corners
into something more orderly beautiful
~ I think it's that sense of bringing 'order out of chaos'!

Do you find that?

In my blog travels today, I found a blogger called Organizing Queen.
Thought it quite appropriate for the tasks of the day.
If you need any inspiration, Marcia Francois, from South Africa,
shares lots of informative and interesting posts.

Wishing you an orderly day,


  1. I have to chuckle beside my newly moved in extra desk for projects is now covered with my husband's monitor and cpu-it froze-stopped and many little piles. Lots of stuff to sort. Lol!

  2. Believe me, those piles look very 'organized' compared to some that I have seen! the fact that you even make 'Do something with this later' piles tells me you have an organizing knack already!

  3. Oh, I can so relate to this Brenda! Those little piles grow like weeds in my house, too. And like you, one of my favorite kind of days is one spent returning order to those spaces.

  4. Those piles mean you have been busy! They are called Busy Piles.
    I could use some inspiration, so I'll pop over to the site you recommend.

  5. Hmmm, I have a few of those projects about, too. They are sneaky little buggers and fast. What was once cleared is now piled again. All the best with your decluttering and setting things back to rights.

  6. Your little piles look organized in themselves. At least it's not everything mixed up together!

    And to answer your question - I don't know about the apple tart with coffee, but it's awfully good with a cup of tea!

  7. Well hello, I love your intro and words of affirmation are my secondary love language. Acts of service is number 1.

    You've blessed me so much by doing both when you sent me that lovely email :)

    I have a friend who says "don't put it down, put it away" and when I'm tempted to just put things down, I really try hard to put them away. Doesn't always work though which is why I'm always decluttering. If you check my blog tomorrow, you'll see I'm decluttering for a good cause tonight :)

  8. You are wonderful! We had to be on the same wavelength yesterday! I am so overwhelmed by the "to dos" that I could bawl! I love love love you montage! Thanks for sharing!



  9. I have little piles around the house like that too! But it makes me think of the possibilities ahead of me--it it was bare--how boring! You should see my foot stool and coffee table here in the family room where I use my computer most of the time:))


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