Monday, January 27, 2014

Quiet A Little While


No clicking or clattering
No fancy pen dipping in antique inkwell

No ideas budding into Spring

All is dormant
Peaceful, quiet as the wintry garden outside

Just as trees have gathered life down deep under frozen landscape
so too this soul feels drawn to hibernate

Be still...
Be still and know...

To everything there is a season.

Now is time to come away.
Dream. Ruminate.

Rest. Be still. Know.

Spring will come.
And new life...
New words too.

Quiet for a little while...



Sunday, January 19, 2014

When The Darkness Creeps In


I've had the darkness creeping in a lot of late. And not just because it's winter and we're in the shortest light season of the year.

I find it takes much work to stay happy for some reason. The pressures of life do willfully tread on my heart.

But the One who knows those same pressures from personal experience reminds me often not to let the cares and anxieties of this world choke out the words of eternal life that spring up in my heart... and I become still and quiet.
Sometimes, I see myself sitting near Him in a quiet, peaceful spot -- He holds my hand and just being with Him comforts and encourages me.
I wish you encouragement about your own lives, dear friends. And grace for every footprint you must make today and this week. Arise, shine, for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

With a gentle kiss atop thy heads,

 Photos:  (c) Brenda Leyland, 2014

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The New Year Begins


The first day of the new year is almost done. 

Our day unfolded quietly and with little fanfare. That is, after we got back from working at the local performing arts centre, where it was very busy. For, after an evening of festivities to ring in the new year, there was quite a mess to clear up. Yes, we go into work even on New Year's Day. Yes, it does feels good to put things to right, to bring order out of chaos, but we were truly glad to have the rest of the day to relax and unwind.

And, to dine in style in front of the fireplace as we watched the wonderful Lincoln Center New Year's Eve Gala we recorded from last night's performance.Happy sigh....I love listening to Yo-Yo Ma, one of my favourite musicians, and I never seem to tire of hearing Ravel's Bolero. If you missed it, you can find the evening's performance here.

(I first fell in love with Bolero thirty years ago during the 1984 Winter Olympics when Torvill and Dean won the Ice Dancing with 6.0's. Does anyone else remember that? For a blast from the past, guess what, Youtube has even that event online here!  BTW, I don't remember them being that young, but then I was that young myself!)

So, Dear Ones, I hope you've had a good first day. I look forward to sharing and spending time with you as the new year unfolds.  I know we all have lots to chat about.  Until next time...

Sweet dreams and a gentle kiss atop thy head,