Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Fine Romance by Susan Branch

Talk about a fine romance this Valentine's Day. You see, my own dear Valentine, aka Dearest Hubby, totally surprised me with a delivery from Amazon. Don't you love it when you hear the doorbell and you just know UPS has left a brown parcel in your mailbox? Don't you love the word 'parcel'?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.............................. Inside was a longed-for copy of Susan Branch's latest book A Fine Romance.

It was love at first sight. Beautifully bound with a gorgeous red ribbon bookmark, it lays open without fuss. Every page is filled with art renderings and glimpses into Susan's unique style as she shares the trip she and her Joe took to the English countryside. And, it all begins with the very fine romantic story of how those two met.

Whether you've visited England before or still dream of doing the trip across the pond, I think you'll really enjoy love, love love reading this book. From the romantic voyage across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2, to learning to navigate British roadways, to traveling through beautiful English countryside, strolling through romantic gardens, stopping to have tea...

To visiting the homes of favourite authors like Beatrix Potter and Jane Austen, and meeting the loveliest local people, not to mention English woolly lambs, Susan invites her readers 'the girlfriends' to be a part of this grand adventure. And when you read it, it's just like being there. Well, almost.

A Fine Romance is magical from cover to cover. Pages are filled with Susan's photographs, whimsical art, hand-drawn maps, recipes, quotes, not to mention her droll stories and fascinating diary entries.

I've been savoring each page... dreaming too, as this is the very kind of trip Mr. Hubby and I have been dreaming about and planning a while now for ourselves. As Susan often reminds us...

"Because nothing happens unless first we dream."
~ Carol Sandburg    

Pack Light - Armchair Travel. Now, if that kind of trip isn't possible right now, remember that packing for armchair traveling is light and easy. You could ask your own Valentine to send you your own copy of A Fine Romance, Falling in Love with the English Countryside.

Lots More On Susan's website. And if the budget doesn't stretch for a book either, then you might enjoy Susan's interview about her new book, or have a fun snoop through the appendix of the book which is also on her website -- it includes live links to all manner of interesting and delightful tidbits about the trip.

Here's wishing you a fine day and a little romance,