Thursday, February 13, 2020

Computer Woes And Heart Day

“Love is a many splendored thing.”

Today it’s just a quick note to let you know that I’m not able to publish any proper posts these days. My computer is in sickbay. It’s not a virus (thank goodness) but my Expert-in-Computers nephew thinks it might be the hard drive giving up the ghost. There have been symptoms we had hoped might just be hiccups. I had the urge last week to get on with getting it seen to, but what with the weather and a little habit of procrastination, I kept hoping it would last another day. Now it’s really time to take care of business. Thankfully I have my important docs and photo files saved on an external drive and we’re hoping (fingers crossed with little prayers) for a smooth-ish transition.

I can do this simple post from my iPad but I find the keyboard too tiny to work on anything more substantial. Plus, it’s not happy if I try to load more than a photo or two. 

On other fronts, I’m well and happy. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I been getting hints from other occupants of the house hoping there might be Victoria Sponge for dessert. I’ll be in the kitchen baking this delightful concoction later this afternoon.

We’ve invited dear friends to join us tomorrow for tea with cake. Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples — it’s for celebrating love in all its many splendid expressions and relationships.


“Cooking is love made visible.”


Wishing you a beautiful day.