Thursday, February 13, 2020

Computer Woes And Heart Day

“Love is a many splendored thing.”

Today it’s just a quick note to let you know that I’m not able to publish any proper posts these days. My computer is in sickbay. It’s not a virus (thank goodness) but my Expert-in-Computers nephew thinks it might be the hard drive giving up the ghost. There have been symptoms we had hoped might just be hiccups. I had the urge last week to get on with getting it seen to, but what with the weather and a little habit of procrastination, I kept hoping it would last another day. Now it’s really time to take care of business. Thankfully I have my important docs and photo files saved on an external drive and we’re hoping (fingers crossed with little prayers) for a smooth-ish transition.

I can do this simple post from my iPad but I find the keyboard too tiny to work on anything more substantial. Plus, it’s not happy if I try to load more than a photo or two. 

On other fronts, I’m well and happy. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I been getting hints from other occupants of the house hoping there might be Victoria Sponge for dessert. I’ll be in the kitchen baking this delightful concoction later this afternoon.

We’ve invited dear friends to join us tomorrow for tea with cake. Because Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples — it’s for celebrating love in all its many splendid expressions and relationships.


“Cooking is love made visible.”


Wishing you a beautiful day.



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Brenda. Yes, it's about celebrating love of all kinds, not just romantic love. I hope your computer woes are soon sorted. Meanwhile, enjoy the Victoria Sponge with your friends.

  2. Valentines Day is also for celebrating friends. I know there is a term ‘galentine’ to be used between gal friends but I haven’t seen a stamp for that.
    All the talk of Victoria sponge cakes on FB make me think about baking one too but I went with a double layer heart shaped chocolate fudge this afternoon. Chocolate is my hubby’s favourite so the sponge will be next week.
    Have a cozy cake and coffee visit.

  3. Have a lovely day Brenda, and enjoy your delicious cake!

  4. Hope that computer of yours gets repaired quickly.

  5. Have a delightful and delicious day today, celebrating love in all its forms! (Bah to the computer woes. Hope you are back in business soon.)

  6. You are right about Valentine's Day not being just for romantics. Enjoy this special day...and enjoy those goodies as well! My hubby just walked in with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries :) Hoping you get those computer issues settled soon!

  7. I like celebrating Valentine's with family and friends! To me its about love, not only romance!

  8. Your commentary on computer woes reminds me of the commercial I’ve seen lately for running a computer without a hard drive. You’ve probably seen them, too. Hope your nephew can help get it all back up to speed. A writer needs her computer!

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ♥️

  9. There is never a good time for computers to be sick! I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day in spite of the disruption in your routine. God bless you, Brenda <3

  10. Oh so sorry, your hard drive is going!

    I am on an old iMac and fear for how long, it will continue to work for me.

    Best of luck!!!!

    💕 💕 💕Happy Valentine Day💕 💕 💕

  11. I went through this with my Mac last year and was pleasantly surprised when I took it to the Apple store. Turned out it was only a bad something or other that held the hard drive and cost not much over $100 for them to fix. I hope you have good news about yours too. Meanwhile, it's amazing how much you can get done when you can't use your computer!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I've been wondering about you! Hope your computer gets fixed soon.

    Happy Valentine's Day, by the way!


  13. Dear Brenda, your post is lovely. I am so sorry about your computer, these issues can be so frustrating. My patience is limited when it comes to things I can not fix. Anyway, as I am quite late with visiting you, I know your Valentine's Day was wonderful and I hope there is a piece of your marvelous cake left for me. Wishing you an early spring and hopefully your computer issues will soon be resolved.

  14. we've both been having computer problems scanner is scanning but then I can't find the scans. Hmm. Hubby has a new autocad program and the instructions are written by non-English speakers and not understandable-so it's been FRUSTRATING!

  15. Sick computer, not fun! But sometimes a short and sweet post with a quote or two, is all we need.

    The Victoria sponge cake sounds really yummy. No picture needed, I have created it in my mind!

  16. I agree with Christine. Short posts with even one or two pictures are just as beautiful and welcome as long, photo-laden ones. In fact, for me, I do better with shorter posts and less pictures, because by the time I get to the end of a really long post, I've forgotten much of what was written in the beginning!

    Valentine's Day is virtually ignored in our house, as daughter's birthday is the day before---and it was her 30th this year, so that required much celebration and fanfare. Our anniversary is the day after, so you can see that there is little room for Valentine's Day in the midst of all the other celebrations. However, I did make a heart-shaped pizza and we watched An Affair to Remember, my all-time favorite romantic drama.

    Blessings and hugs,
    Patti @ Writing to Remember (I changed my blog name from This Beautiful Life)

  17. Dear and Lovely Brenda, its maddening when ones 'tech' tires before even we do! But inspired by your stoical acceptance and relaxed plans for a resolution (life is too short to fret). Your cake making sounds YUMMY. Thanks too for popping by. Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred XXXX

  18. Hello Brenda. Hope your computer glitches are short-lived. They are always frustrating, for sure. I love the rich color in your header. Take care and good luck with the computer problem, dear friend. Susan

  19. I want to thank you all for leaving your beautiful comments here. I haven't been around to visit some of you in a while, but with my computer fixed now and things getting sorted, I've got time to visit! See you soon. xox


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