Friday, February 12, 2016

Five On Friday

This photo is for anyone feeling a winter bleakness setting in. When I saw this one by Annie Spratt it made me smile and I felt it would surely provide a beautiful pick-me-up for anyone today, whether you are in winter ho-hums or not. Aren't these pails of beauties a sight to behold?

On my quick list of five for today:

1. Meeting a dear friend for lunch this afternoon. It's been a long time since we've had a good visit, so the tea cups will no doubt be refilled a time or two or three.....

2. Declobbering project begins in my study this weekend. The rest of the house is nearly done. Woohoo! But anything I wasn't sure what to do with went in here, so there's some sorting to go through. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks but we won't count on it. Do I have to show you? That's just one corner. 

For my earlier posts about this cleaning project,

3. Making Made Chicken Moroccan Soup yesterday. While I'm off with my girlfriend, Hubby will be enjoying a bowl for his lunch today. We both love this soup -- it's so appetite-stirring when it's simmering away on the stove. Recipe here.

4. Visiting a blog Avignon In Photos I haven't visited in years. What was I thinking to let this beautiful blog slide past me! If you cannot get away on a little trip somewhere lovely, take an armchair visit to Nathalie in Avignon, France. Don't waste time pining you're not there; just enjoy the beauty right here, right now. Your soul will love you for it.

5. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. I've had hankerings to make a chocolate raspberry layer cake and I thought Valentine's would be a perfect time for it. I went to library and just 'happened' upon a Julia Child DVD -- lo and behold, it was the baking series. Splendid. And, you'll never guess, she and her guest Alice Medrich were making Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake. Splendid again!

Oh my, it looked divine. Except, rats, it looks a great deal of time is needed to prepare -- something I would be most willing to give; however, I'm not sure if it works out to make it this particular weekend. We'll shall see. We can spread out Valentine's loving all month long, so maybe another day.

In the meantime, I might entice my very own Sweet Baboo to watch it with me as I make notes. Below is the episode on Youtube, and here is a link to the actual recipe in case you get inspired!

Happy Heart Weekend, Beautiful Friends!


Hugs and love,
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Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday Moment

Monday Moment
“As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful. They are the things that fill our lives with comfort and our hearts with gladness -- just the pure air to breathe and the strength to breath it; just warmth and shelter and home folks; just plain food that gives us strength; the bright sunshine on a cold day; and a cool breeze when the day is warm.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places,

Friday, February 05, 2016

Five on Friday

Mikael Kristenson

Favourite Winter Photos I Spotted This Week

I am not pining for cold weather, but today I am missing some of the pretty snow shows we usually get sometime during our northerly winters. The little snow we have this year is melting fast, which leaves our corner of the world a sad shade of dirty with accumulating icy puddles on streets and sidewalks.

So this morning I'm taking a winter wonderland walk cyber-style and offering a few favourite photos I discovered this week. Please note the photos are not my own -- click on the links to find more about these amazing photographers found at

Wishing you a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend ahead,

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I love everything about this photo -- the colour combination of blue and white both in the snow and sky... the fat snow layers hanging from branches... millions of tiny snow crystals glittering in the sun light... the inviting roof top of that chalet off in the distance. Surely there must be a cozy fire at the ready, along with something warm in a mug around which to wrap chilled fingers.

What catches my eye with this one is the curvy clusters of iced berries luminous against the hazy golden light coming through woodsy distance.

I love the wide open spaces of prairie land, and this combination of sky and snowy field with the wintery sun hazy behind clouds makes me wish for a pair of happy dogs to go for a nice walk, and where we can see wispy clouds with every breath we take.

 Nathan Walker

What grabs my eye, of course, is the blaze of colour right in the middle of winter greys. Now this would be a lovely spot to hibernate over winter, don't you think? My study would have to cozied into one of those turret round rooms... the second floor, I should think, neither the first nor third. And what a room with view it would be with all those windows.

Ales Krivec

If we were standing in that field watching the Sky Painter's latest in sunset splendours, my soul will be filled and overflowing at the grand beauty our world gives us. If you and I were standing there together, we'd have to grab hands as we share the moment.

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Monday, February 01, 2016

February. The Simple Woman's Daybook

Robin, Whitebreasts, and Snowdrops, February 1906
The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

A new day, a new week, and a new month ... all rolled into one. Certainly cause for bouncing out of bed with anticipation. That is, if you are a morning person.

Do you bounce out of your bed of a morning? Or do you require time to feel yourself waking slowly, preferably to the fragrance of coffee brewing? For me, I relish a more leisurely tempo -- I save the 'bounce' for other times of the day.

Although the Edwardian Lady, Edith Holden, makes mention of robins and snowdrops in her February 1906 journal entry, there are no signs of these harbingers of Spring in our corner of the world yet. But we dream. 

With it being the first Monday of this new month, I'm linking with The Simple Woman's Daybook Edition.

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Wishing you all a beautiful week and Happy Heart Month,
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For February 1st...

Outside my window... Sunshine sneaking over roof tops, streaming over fences, tumbling into snowy garden corners. Filling my day with brightness and light.

I am thinking... About what special treats I could make for Valentine's Day. Heart-shaped vanilla rolled cookies with pink icing? Or, perhaps a toothsome chocolate layer affair with a creamy raspberry filling and a glossy glaze dripping off the sides? I'm also wondering why it's the sweet treats that come to mind first thing.

I am thankful... For the mostly milder weather we've had so far this winter. Thanks, El Nino!

I am wearing... Comfy jeans with glittery designs on the back pockets and a green patterned top with a slightly frilly collar.  

I am creating... Chaotic piles in my study/office. Because as we clean the other rooms, some items I'm not sure what to do with yet go in here. It's quite the pile -- a jumble of books, old calendars and Christmas cards, stationery and office supplies. It'll be the last room to sort and declutter. I'm keen to once again make my work space into a tidy, comfortable, and inviting nook for creative pursuits.

I am going... To write out a few Valentine's cards on this first day of Heart Month. You know how the date will sneak up on a person if you don't get to it right away.

I am wondering... About nothing in particular today.

I am reading... Susan Branch's new post (with spoilers) on last night's episode of Downton Abbey. We really love her commentary on all the highlights (and the low ones too) each week as the series unfolds. Besides DA info, Susan includes lovely sneak previews into her own 'goings on' in her corner of the world, as well as her and Joe's upcoming trip to the UK later this summer.

I'm also reading An Autobiography by Agatha Christie. It's a fat, satisfying book so far. In her Foreword, she confesses that...
"I ought to be writing a detective story, but with the writer's natural urge to write anything but what he should be writing, I long, quite unexpectedly, to write my autobiography. The urge to write one's autobiography, so I have been told, overtakes everyone sooner or later. It has suddenly overtaken me.

... So what I plan to do is to enjoy the pleasures of memory -- not hurrying myself -- writing a few pages from time to time. It is a task that will probably go on for years."

I am hoping... that somewhere under those chaotic piles in my office, I will find my little sketch book soon. For I've realized suddenly the other day that I have not played with paper and pencil for a long while.

I am learning... To stay in the present in my thoughts as much as possible as I go through my day. Not to cast my thoughts down the road about what needs tending in upcoming tomorrows (unless there is something specific I need to plan in advance). For it often brings a sense of niggling unease and slight anxiety. I'm not sure why -- perhaps I tend to forget that 'sufficient for the day is our grace'. I have grace for today's projects, I will have new mercies and strength for tomorrow's work. Even the slightest of frets wastes today's good energy.

In my kitchen... What pleasure to see sparkling clean glassware and china again.

In my garden... It's all aflutter with birds at the feeders and heated birdbath. Worn looking snow piles. Blue jays asking for peanuts. Resident Northern Flicker feasting from the peanut suet ball.

A favorite quote for today... "Don't dawdle. It won't take as long as you think." BL

A peek below into one of my days... Working away at making my house feel nice again as we clean, sort and discard, tidy and declutter.

One of my favorite things... A supply of small continuous treats in my life, such as a few stolen moments of idleness enjoyed somewhere in a busy day, or that lovely sense of refreshment after a freshly brewed cup of tea. 

Post Script... If you're so inclined, here's a link to my past editions of The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


"Sometimes it's the same moments that take your breathe away
that breathe purpose and love back into your life." ~ Steve Maraboli

I found this beauty in a digital photo file the other day. Photographed in my garden almost seven summers ago, I realized it was one of the very first I uploaded to my then-brand-new Facebook page.

It seemed a shame not to show it off again -- this rosy glimpse of summer bliss. I can almost catch a whiff of her fragrant petals. Although I'm not weary with winter yet, as I love this season too, I must admit its beauty adds a certain light and grace to this grayish, dimmish January morning.

By the way, although I do not have a public Facebook page -- where you can follow without asking to be Friends -- you are cordially invited to send a friend request, if you so desire, by clicking here. I'd be delighted to share the journey with you over there.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places,