Monday, April 30, 2012

Remembering Miss Kitty

 Being a little heat seeker,
sunbeams were a particular favourite of Miss Kitty's,

 And yes, all the chairs in the house were hers...

Including the one in the office...

Where I had to perch more than once on the
edge, as we wouldn't want to disturb the kitty, now would we.

 Not to mention, all outdoor lounge chairs were her special domain and
personal property...

This is our Miss Kitty --
aka as Missy, Kitty, or Little One

She filled our lives with lots of purrsy joys during
her many years with us!

A year it's been since we said our sad goodbyes to the little furry love of our lives.

Not only did she know how to communicate her very precise wishes, on special occasions we even were able to get past the people/kitty language barrier and actually have a conversation.... no, not like Dr. Doolittle, but there were times when the look and feeling that passed between us seemed more than just a chance eyeball contact. 

One time a few years ago, when Miss Kitty first started having issues with her thyroid and thus causing me and her vet some moments of anxiety..... I prayed for her.... do you pray for your pets?

And I had a very vivid 'in the spirit' moment when my inner eye caught sight of Miss Kitty being held very gently in the hands of Jesus.  They were both looking at each other, He very tenderly as he held one of his furry creatures, and she... I don't think I saw it so much as felt that she was totally safe, at home, as if she knew He was the One who'd originally set the purpose in motion for kitties in general in this world, and her specifically.

Do you know how comforting that was for me?  Over time as she grew older and frailer, I held that memory close to me.

There have been many moments over the past year when I've missed my little Kitty.  Especially when I'd come home and the front entrance empty with her furry, purry presence as she'd plop on the floor for pets.

It's a pleasant day... warm, a little overcast with rain clouds... Missy would have loved poking around the garden on such a day. She was usually not one to chase after birds, she chose objects nearer her 'size' -- butterflies and bugs -- but she certainly enjoyed watching their movements from a sunny spot in the garden or the lounge chair we already mentioned.
So here's to remembering... and enjoying those wonderful memories. And here's wishing you joy and peace and heart hugs to any of you who may be remembering their own special loved ones this day!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes, We're Still Here

  Dear Beautiful Friends,

I know we are not 'supposed' to apologize in blogland when we don't post -- for, as we all know, blogging is supposed to be with that sense of no obligation.

But I do want to apologize for the fact that I have not been around much of late. And to tell you  I miss you and I miss writing here. The little part-time job I do with hubby at nights takes more out of me and my time than I imagined it could.

I'll tell you quick, although we had snow (again) the other day, we are now blossoming full tilt in the Spring department. Catkins are bursting forth on trees and grass greened as the snow melted. Not to mention the birds, who seem beside themselves with the whole business of finding mates, settling new territory, and generally getting settled on the home-keeping front from their long journeys north.  It's been fun to see hear the place all astir with their life and song.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I get back to posting more regularly. But until I feel more on top of things........ just know it is well with my soul and we're missing you all.

Now, I wish you beauty for the moment and grace for the journey, as it seems we all need that in abundance more days than others. I'm grateful for all the gifts that show up in the most unexpected places!

With hugs,

Photo taken on a friend's iphone
That's me being happy, a little reflective on my b*irthday a few weeks ago!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nestled in Spring


 by blossom...

   the spring begins."


Quote by Algernon Charles Swinburne

They look so dainty that you wonder these pretty ones have the courage to come up so early in the Spring time especially in these northerly parts of Alberta. Yet there they nestle with colors bright and gay ... waiting for us to celebrate with them!

Although I missed Vee's Notecard Party this month, I thought these four would make a great set. And so, I share them with you. As the title already intimates, I'd call the quartet "Nestled in Spring".

Wishing you a wonderful day...
with glimpses of Spring on every turn!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Celebrate Spring: Embrace the Unfamiliar

With Spring officially in office, I'm thinking it's high time to burst out of those comfortable winter cocoons and try out our wings with something new and sprightly.

It's about jostling our senses into noticing again. Letting our emotions feel something fresh. Giving our minds a new pattern to puzzle out. Mostly, it's about getting out of the rut.

Today I'm inviting you to enjoy the simple pleasure of 'embracing the unfamiliar'. Put aside some of the usual routines and choices and, without thinking about it too much, just reach out and do something that's different today....
Don't study the menu, just close your eyes and point; select something you've never tried before. It might just be the kick start to something wonderful.  And even if it isn't, well, that's okay, isn't it?
Don't reach for your favorite mug, author, shoes, or earrings. Choose something you haven't noticed or read or worn for awhile. Notice it afresh.
Don't drive the same route you usually take to get to work or the grocery story. Turn a block earlier or later. Take a small detour. Pay attention to what you see on this new path.

Don't call your mom or your best friend to chat about the same things you usually do. Introduce something new; ask a question about what she likes about Spring, what she did as a child when Spring arrived.

Don't go to the gym if that's what you usually do; instead, go for a walk in your neighborhood and notice the seasonal changes.
Don't sit in your favorite chair when you read or watch TV. Pick a spot elsewhere in the room. Look around you from that vantage point of your home. Maybe you'll see something that should be fixed or moved or thrown out. Maybe you'll discover a new place to read on a sunny afternoon or find 50 cents under the cushion on that sofa.
Don't listen to the usual radio station or music group. Choose a genre that's totally opposite from your usual favorites.
Don't choose the same bath oil scent when you go shopping. Select a fragrance that isn't familiar.

Will you embrace the unfamiliar and jostle your senses into a Spring dance today?

Wishing you a beautiful day...

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Even the smallest miracle whispers, 'He lives'.

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend as we
remember and celebrate!


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