Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simply Sunday: Afternoon Nap

A Little Drowsing

"There is nothing sweeter than their peace when at rest,
for there is nothing brisker than their life when in motion."


Found this video on Facebook; it's so sweet, I had to share!
Hope your Sunday afternoon is as purr-fect and peaceful!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

From My Archives. Journal Jottings

We probably all experience the occasions when we browse our bookshelves for something we're not even sure what exactly, and so find ourselves drawn to a particular title or book cover or even colour. And, when we browse through it, we're drawn to read even further, for we have found exactly what we need at that moment.

To my way of thinking, it's a little gift from heaven. And, I oft wonder how HE does it... and I marvel that He should have that much caring interest to arrange for me to find exactly what I need to hear or re-hear on a given day.  Some may say it's just serendipitous, but I take it as that benign intervention from a loving Father...but that's a pondering for another day).

Not only do I scour my bookshelves, but I tend to poke through old postings and certainly my book journals, which, to my great wonder, often brings to light something that speaks fresh and new all over again.

In my browsing through my archives this morning, I found such a posting. I offer it with the hope it makes the 'trip' to my blog worth it.

Wishing you a peace-filled and rest-full day for you.


 From My Archives ... Journal Jottings
first posted in 2010

I have chuckled more than once at one of Oscar Wilde's quips about traveling on long train trips. Apparently he once said he always took his journals along so that he'd have something sensational to read.

Well, I haven't been on any train trips lately, and I don't know how 'sensational' my jottings would be, yet it's still fun to randomly pull one of my old journals from the cupboard.  Not only does it house the record of The Life And Times of Brenda Leyland, but along side my own mutterings and musings, I often jot down quotes and interesting ideas from many of  my favorite magazines, books, and movies. Whether they provide inspiration, encouragement, laughter or creative imaginings, these sayings tend to settle in and become an integral part of my soul's fabric.

This morning, a pretty creamsicle-hued journal from 2007 beckoned me.  Accepting the invitation, I open it to see what voices might re-whisper words I 'need' to hear today, and this is what caught my attention:

On Keeping A Diary.
"...keeping a a gesture of faith in the importance of your own voice, your own opinion. This is worth considering, worth recording, worth cherishing." (from Perri Klass, September '94 Victoria Magazine)

On Solitude. "Solitude is a beautiful word. It sounds like sunlight through trees, or a walk on the beach, or a soprano voice that soars... I'd run out of sleep before the night lost its darkness.... This is the sort of time that begs for a marathon baking project, a cake with lots of layers demanding the kind of persnickety perseverance that pays off in sugar roses and "ooohs" from the children.....We gather beauty for gray days..." (from Catherine Calvert, A Day of Solitude, September '97 Victoria Magazine)

The Test for a Well-Decorated Room. According to Charlotte Moss, the test for a well-decorated room is simple: Does it invite you to settle in with a book and a cup of tea, even if no one is home? So, how does she choose colors for a room? Charlotte assesses how they would look on a rainy day when she's curled up with a book. And, what makes a comfy sofa? A solid back but never a solid seat -- you need to be able to sink into a pillow to read.

On Planning Ahead.
"To the ancient Hebrews, each new day began in the evening. Each evening was devoted to rest, to family, to fellowship -- as well as to study and meditation in God's Word. Try devoting some of your time in the evening to quiet reflection and some inner planning. In other words, prepare yourself in the evening for the coming day." (from Emilie Barnes, Keep It Simple, p. 228

Photo source:  Microsoft Images

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Glimpse of Heaven

If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy,
rejoice, for your soul is alive.
~ Eleanora Duse (1859 - 1924)

I absolutely love this combination of colour -- vivid deep blue and white -- the contrast is just soooo satisfying!  Do you find it so?

 Wishing you your own heart-satisfying glimpses today,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don't Take Guilt Trips


If you must take a trip, take one to the shops...


Or to an old world rose garden...


Or a trip to the seashore... 

But don't even bother taking any guilt trips.
The memories will be awful,
never mind the collection of  'negatives'
from the photography sessions!

Here's wishing you some nice trips this year!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow and Singing

Woke to a winter wonderland this morning. It started blustering and puffing last evening, and this morning we woke to this. First snow since long before Christmas. I'm enjoying it, but then I'm not the one out in the cold shoveling its powdery piles (smile).

I came across a post from 2008 about the birds singing on one of the coldest days of the year. It seemed like a good day to repost it. Just in case some of us need a a song of our own to sound and resound in our hearts at the beginning of this new year.

 Choir of the Great Outdoors
 From Archives December 2008

Here's a picture I got this morning. Wish I could have gotten close enough to snap some of them in their choral lineup atop the deck railing. It felt like I was listening to a choir in a cathedral. I guess I was ... The Great Outdoors Choral Concert!

I find myself inspired by these fine feathered friends. If these little ones can still sing their hearts out in the bleakness of midwinter, maybe singing would be a cheery way to help us out when we experience our own 'midwinter' doldrums.

What piece or style of music puts the song back in your heart? For me, often it's something from Mozart or Bach; sometimes it's a old hymn or carol I learned as a child that starts it all. Other times it might just be the piece I hear on the radio that kicks the doldrums out of the room. And, then there's the music of the birds outside, in the deep of winter, that sets my heart to singing.

Wishing you a new song for the day,

Monday, January 09, 2012

51 Favourites


In No Particular Order

1. heart to heart visits over coffee
2. rainy days
3. children’s laughter
4.  something new to read
5.  nice surprises from out of the blue
6.  packages in the mail
7.  books that inspire and cause me to 'dream'
8. reading in bed
9. a frosty glass of water
10. small chocolate surprises

11. kitty cats
12. inspiring people to see new possibilities
13. the smell of bookshops
14. beginning a new journal
15. sunny autumn days
16. tiny sandwiches and steaming tea in fine china cups
17. sandy warm beaches
18. people watching
19. winter days when the sky is bright and sunny
20. the smell of coffee brewing

21. cobalt blue and white
22. walks at twilight
23.  meandering in a beautiful garden
24.  early dawn
24. giving gifts for no occasion
25. laughing
26. hearing “I love you”
27. walking into an uncluttered, organized room
28. gorgeous color combinations
29. browsing my classic Victoria magazines

30. journaling in fine notebooks
31. snuggling with my sweetie
32. learning how to love like Jesus
33.studying at the library
34. crayons and pencils
35.  English country anything 
36.  watching happy dogs out for their walks
37. watching a child's eyes light up
38.  listening to and watching the birds
39.  blogging and meeting you

40.  writing letters
41.  listening to Mozart
42.  the smell of rain
43.  warm scones and strawberry jam
44. lavender scented anything
45.  putting on a spritz of fragrance
46.  packages tied up with string
47.  pretty or interesting postage stamps
48.  colourful ribbons in a bowl
49.  lace curtains at the window
50. the word cozy

51.  breakfast out on holidays

Wishing you favourite moments to treasure today!


Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1st...


Just a wee note at the end of a lovely day spent with family. Our usual tradition is to order in (or go out for) a feast of Chinese food, and once again we enjoyed our favourite dishes, which always includes ginger beef no matter what else we decide on.

Hubby offered to wash up the last of the dishes, and then there are plans to draw near the fireplace later and watch a movie -- unless eyelids have other plans.

I leave you with a couple of thoughts that seem fitting as we look ahead to a new year...

"Write it on your heart that every day
is the best day in the year."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream."
~ C.S. Lewis

Here's wishing you sweet dreams... 
when you're sleeping and when you're awake!