Monday, January 09, 2012

51 Favourites


In No Particular Order

1. heart to heart visits over coffee
2. rainy days
3. children’s laughter
4.  something new to read
5.  nice surprises from out of the blue
6.  packages in the mail
7.  books that inspire and cause me to 'dream'
8. reading in bed
9. a frosty glass of water
10. small chocolate surprises

11. kitty cats
12. inspiring people to see new possibilities
13. the smell of bookshops
14. beginning a new journal
15. sunny autumn days
16. tiny sandwiches and steaming tea in fine china cups
17. sandy warm beaches
18. people watching
19. winter days when the sky is bright and sunny
20. the smell of coffee brewing

21. cobalt blue and white
22. walks at twilight
23.  meandering in a beautiful garden
24.  early dawn
24. giving gifts for no occasion
25. laughing
26. hearing “I love you”
27. walking into an uncluttered, organized room
28. gorgeous color combinations
29. browsing my classic Victoria magazines

30. journaling in fine notebooks
31. snuggling with my sweetie
32. learning how to love like Jesus
33.studying at the library
34. crayons and pencils
35.  English country anything 
36.  watching happy dogs out for their walks
37. watching a child's eyes light up
38.  listening to and watching the birds
39.  blogging and meeting you

40.  writing letters
41.  listening to Mozart
42.  the smell of rain
43.  warm scones and strawberry jam
44. lavender scented anything
45.  putting on a spritz of fragrance
46.  packages tied up with string
47.  pretty or interesting postage stamps
48.  colourful ribbons in a bowl
49.  lace curtains at the window
50. the word cozy

51.  breakfast out on holidays

Wishing you favourite moments to treasure today!



  1. What a splendid list. Are you going to do some word art with it and frame it? I think it would look especially nice! It reads beautifully and makes me wish that I had written it. I couldn't get to ten. Perhaps I ought to try...

  2. It's interesting that the majority of the things on your list are of little or no monetary value. Proving, I suppose, that it isn't money that makes us happy.

  3. What a good thing to do now and then, Brenda. And I like your friend Vee's suggestion of some sort of Word Art. Has me thinking now!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. What a wonderful idea, Vee... word art... I like it.

  5. What an absolutely wonderful list. And I do think it would make some lovely word art. Maybe we should all make a list and have a favorite things list party day...

  6. This was such a lovely list to read. I especially liked all of the items related to reading and writing. The bowl full of colorful ribbons was an unexpected surprise. I don't think I've ever seen one before but can picture it vividly.

  7. I share so many of your favorites...we may be kindred spirits!

  8. What a wonderful list, Ms. Brenda! I love it! I especially like the food and writing! What a perfedt world! :P

    Have a great week!

  9. Just reading this list makes me relax and smile. Just wonderful!

  10. Hi Brenda! I love your list. I made a list of "100 Things I Love" a few years ago. I go back every once in awhile and add things to it and reread it. Sometimes it is just the thing I need to energize myself! Have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  11. What a delicious list, Brenda! (I share many of your favorites!)
    So many simple gifts from our Father...

  12. I think this could easily be my list too! Well written!

  13. Hi Brenda, I was thinking about you this afternoon and just thought I would pop over and say hello! I hope you have had a good week. I have been making chocolate cup cakes this afternoon. I send my wishes for a beautiful afternoon! Delisa :)

  14. I love your list and your lovely blog. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  15. i am with you every one ... Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  16. Hehe 'English Country anything' so funny to hear when I live in the English Countryside (Wiltshire). It is mainly smelly farmland around here, quite flat and uninspiring, although I am learning to appreciate the beauty. What I wouldn't give for a trip to beautiful Canada! Perhaps we could house swap! x

  17. Hi Brenda and Happy New Year to you!!!( 2023!☺️) I want to send you greetings with so many thanks for the many ways your “thoughtful self” offers so many gifts of the heart to so many people , like me.
    I send along a prayer that you are well and will know good health in this upcoming year.
    I pray that 2023 brings much joy to you and your family.
    Thank you!! ~ Ann


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