Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow and Singing

Woke to a winter wonderland this morning. It started blustering and puffing last evening, and this morning we woke to this. First snow since long before Christmas. I'm enjoying it, but then I'm not the one out in the cold shoveling its powdery piles (smile).

I came across a post from 2008 about the birds singing on one of the coldest days of the year. It seemed like a good day to repost it. Just in case some of us need a a song of our own to sound and resound in our hearts at the beginning of this new year.

 Choir of the Great Outdoors
 From Archives December 2008

Here's a picture I got this morning. Wish I could have gotten close enough to snap some of them in their choral lineup atop the deck railing. It felt like I was listening to a choir in a cathedral. I guess I was ... The Great Outdoors Choral Concert!

I find myself inspired by these fine feathered friends. If these little ones can still sing their hearts out in the bleakness of midwinter, maybe singing would be a cheery way to help us out when we experience our own 'midwinter' doldrums.

What piece or style of music puts the song back in your heart? For me, often it's something from Mozart or Bach; sometimes it's a old hymn or carol I learned as a child that starts it all. Other times it might just be the piece I hear on the radio that kicks the doldrums out of the room. And, then there's the music of the birds outside, in the deep of winter, that sets my heart to singing.

Wishing you a new song for the day,


  1. Hi Brenda,I would like waking to some of that white fluffy stuff!!!We have had a very bare winter here in southern Ontario.I do like the bare roads for driving though,so I guess it's good it's not up to me..I like praise and worship music also Josh groban, Celine or Andrea Boccelii,Sara groves. Have a pleasant Sunday...

  2. I love waking to snow too but here it is so rare that is a joy to see it. I think when it comes to snow here in the south we all have childlike hearts.I love a mix o all types of music.

  3. Rachmaninov... ah... "Variations on the Themes of Paganini!" Now, there is some wonderful music!

    We have snow... Just a skiff, but enough to make me want to stay inside and NOT clean the chicken coop!

    I have missed you! So glad you posted a note today!

    What is it about snow that makes one want to clean or watch old movies?? I have done both and worked on the shawl that won't be knit! LOL

    What are you reading these days??

  4. I love listening to new age music especially Native American flute music!

  5. What a sweet bunch of birdies! I agree that we need to take a lesson from their cheerfulness. I love all types of music, but most especially instrumental--don't want to be bothered by the words. Favorites are Bach, Mozart, all Celtic, and smooth jazz.

  6. Your birds are so sweet. I can hear them singing way over here.

    I love music. I don't need to be plugged in all of the time or have music on a lot, but when I do hear a favorite song of any type, it just fills me with joy.

    There's a song than has been waking me each morning lately. I don't know the name. I heard it in church. It gives me such peace.


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