Sunday, May 14, 2023

A Postcard Hello...

Dear Beautiful Friends,

Hello from sunny Alberta.
 Popping in to say I am well and trust things are fine with you.

Spring has finally arrived - it seemed to take such a long time
for it to green out this year. It's very dry. May Day trees are now in bloom,
and I wait to catch their fragrance on the breeze—hopefully today. 

Not quite feeling the usual exuberant gleefulness of spring;
our province is experiencing unusual hot weather. It feels like
April flipped straight into mid-July. The heat
as well as the lack of moisture and lots of wind have created
conditions for wildfires. And they are springing up in many places.
Our provincial emergency alert app goes off several times a day
as a new fire starts.


So many communities on evacuation alert, with many families
scrambling to evacuate their homes. Some have already lost their homes.
So heartbreaking! It all creates an unease in the atmosphere
even though personally we aren't involved at this time.
Although we did bring up suitcases last week when one fire
sprung up not too far from us. Yikes! Thankfully it was contained
and hopefully it's now out. We think about what to grab
if we had to go in a hurry. To be a little prepared.

We try to keep calm and carry on.
Deep breath.

In the midst, we had the delight to watch the Royal Coronation
in the UK last weekend. An awe-spiring service with all the
historical pomp and ceremony. Rick and I had the opportunity to visit
Westminster Abbey during our trip to England in 2016. 
What fun to recognize certain spots because we'd been there in person.
Enjoyed watching guests arriving at the Abbey. Such a
lovely parade of stately regalia and elegant ensembles... and hats.
Great fun when cameras captured little Prince Louie—his older sister,
Princess Charlotte, appeared to keep an eye on him; wasn't it sweet
when they held hands as they came in!

We relish the moments we have.

Birds are nesting - yesterday I saw a female robin slip through the branches
of the neighbour's cedar tree by the garage. What a perfect spot
for a nest. Will keep our eyes on her comings and goings. 

A book I've enjoyed this week is Letter from New York
by Helene Hanff (author of 84, Charing Cross Road). It was first published
in 1992. It's a delightsome collection of what originally had been monthly
five-minute radio scripts for the BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour Broadcasts from
1978 to 1984. Miss Hanff entertained her listeners with a lively
glimpse of history, culture, and daily life in New York City where she lived
during the mid-20th century. I found it gently distracting, and soothing,
in the midst of what is going on these days.

I miss you and think of you often.
The break away has been good. It has
allowed my mind to think about other needful things.
Spring is always a busy time, don't you find?

Don't know when I'll be back on a regular basis.  In the meantime,
I'll drop an occasional postcard to let you know I'm still here. Still well.
Still reasonably happy and staying grateful.

Sending you love and heart wishes for a beautiful day.
Happy Mother's Day!


Photo credits:
Top: Katya-Guseva from Pixabay