Friday, October 08, 2010

Morning Has Broken

It looked grey at first glance from my northerly kitchen window this morning. Except if you peer closely, you'll catch the merest hint of crimson at the bottom... hints of something more promising? 

So I picked up my ever-ready camera...

turned my gaze eastward,

and found these beauties...

Turning my head back to my northerly gaze,

My neighbour's house is now bathed in light.

Morning has truly arrived... and we're ready for it.

* * *

Here's wishing you a fabulous Friday,

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  1. Beautiful, Brenda.
    I was awake before sunrise today and briefly thought of getting up and going outside with my camera. Then I fell asleep again.
    We've been getting some wonderful sunset photos here outside Medicine Hat, and some sunrises would be wonderful, too. Yours are gorgeous. Thank you.


  2. So glad you had your camera handy!
    I kept singing that song by Cat Stevens, while looking at your pictures.
    Each picture is beautiful.
    I just sit back and in awe and wonder at God's artwork.

  3. It's beautiful, gazing or looking up the sky makes us happier. Happy weekend!
    Blue sky Reflection

  4. Gorgeous photos, Brenda. You're up early! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

  5. What a beautiful surprise!!! Those clouds are GORGEOUS!

  6. Hope I'm filling your tank, Brenda, because I just love this series on the rising sun!

  7. beautiful collection of photos, love to watch nature unveil little color shows like that, you never know what is going to happen next

  8. I saw some of those beautiful colors this morning as well. I was just too tired to get out the camera. Thanks for the pictures.


  9. Those are gorgeous seeing that who could doubt God??

  10. I'm adding my awe, too. Wow! Beautiful pictures! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  11. So beautifu! Created by God's paintbrush ... on His canvas of the sky.

    ~ Violet

  12. The colourful shots are beautiful, but I still like the last cloud shot best. - Margy

  13. Thanks for your visit, love your sunrise shots. I don't get up at that time of the day!!


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