Monday, October 25, 2010

Something In The Air

We knew something was up yesterday when my nephew had to don his large parka and gloves to do BBQ duty for supper last evening. With the decided bite in the air, it looks like the last BBQ of the season. The burgers and cedar planked salmon were a hit as we celebrated a family birthday.

Peering out my study window this morning, this is what arrived during the night in our corner of the world.

Mr. Magpie doesn't seem to mind.  He hops down on the feeder, picks up a seed and flies to a higher branch of a nearby tree.  Back and forth, back and forth, till he flies off.


Mmmm..... do you think it's too early for the Christmas music?

Enjoying the beauty of our first snow!


  1. No, it's NOT too early for that music. My husband, the Christmas lover, has been playing it for weeks now. So play away, I say!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog while I was gone over the weekend with encouraging words for Jeanette. Bless you for that.

    And a happy Monday to you.

  2. Christmas music What a thought, I will get mine ready for November 1st, you have more snow at your house than we do out here

  3. Wow! Snow already? It is just beautiful, isn't it?

  4. Not a bit too early for Christmas music as far as I'm concerned. Your photos are beautiful, Brenda! I'm looking forward to our first snow. (If it's going to be cold, there might as well be snow!)

  5. Oh I was genuinely surprised to see this! Hope that it doesn't stay long and that you get a few more weeks of autumn weather before you see any more. All this can be cancelled, of course, if you really like snow this early.

  6. What a lovely surprise! I truly couldn't tell where you were going when I looked at the first picture. The meal sounds delicious. Great pictures of the first snow!! A light dusting? Oh, and a magpie!!! We are birdwatchers, and I would love to see one!! I don't think they inhabit our neck of the woods. Do you have many? And other pictures of them?

  7. That was pretty this morning, seeing everything dusted icing sugar white!

  8. I saw that snow was forecast last night. Hopefully it won't last, but it always seems to me that the first snow is exciting no matter when it comes. What I don't like is the way it lingers come February and March. I grew up in Prince George, so I know of what I speak (lest you think this Island girl doesn't have a clue about snow :)

    And yes, definitely, break out the Christmas music

  9. beautiful but I prefer the warmer climes where we live!

  10. Yes, it is too early for Christmas music!! LOL!!

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments, it is good to find your blogs and all the posting you do - some lovely photos too. Helen x

  12. Never too early! Our Corrie listens to it all year long! I trust seven-year-olds; they haven't lost how to make magic!

    Beautiful snow!

  13. Hi Brenda,

    Snow already- oh my. I just left a comment on your other blog.
    Thank you for sharing the dog video. It is just so precious.

    Big hugs,

  14. It looks so beautiful all that snow! We probably won't see any here this year in Charlotte!

  15. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.


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