Saturday, October 09, 2010

Soul Projects

With autumn drawing the curtains of evening earlier each day, it's the time of year when I like to gather what I call my 'cozy' books around me.  Books that create the ambiance of drawing near the fire, catching hands with loved ones, and thinking more about journeys of the hearth, heart and home. That is why I reach for a well-loved book by Ingrid Trobisch, Keeper of the Springs, Making Home the Place For Which You're Longing. The author offers 'time-tested inspiration for tending the spiritual center of house and home.'

Included in this treasury, Ingrid's daughter, Katrine Stewart, shares some lovely thoughts on the joy and healing of soul projects.

"Soul projects bring a smile to your face, light to your eyes, new energy to your heart, joy to all around you. Soul projects are like healing ointment on the sore places of your life.
Beethoven went for walks in the countryside. Golda Meir polished her silver teapot. Josephine, Napoleon's wife, tended to her roses. Claude Monet gardened. Katharine Hepburn wrote her journal in bed with breakfast. Winston Churchill liked to paint. Einstein took long baths. Mendelssohn listened to the music of Bach. Mother Teresa listens to the silence of her soul."

What soul projects bring you joy?  For me, this would include listening to Mozart, journaling in bed with my first cup of coffee, walks in the countryside, being completely quiet for a few minutes just waiting with God.

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  1. just being home and feeling the peace, comfort and security of what we the Spirit!

  2. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog yesterday.
    The book Keeper of the Springs sounds like a good one to have.

    It's not really a project, but walking my dog every evening for a mile is a good thing for my soul and makes my dog happy too!


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