Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Simple Beauty of Tea


Oh, to enjoy the restorative effects of a simple cup of tea. Especially during those really busy days. Whether you sip the steaming brew from a mug, a pretty china cup, or one of these exotic tea glasses, tea gives us a chance to sit and gather strength for the rest of the day's busy tasks.

I don't add sugar to tea, but if you like to add sweetener, you might enjoy this simple suggestion I found in a book I recently read. Store sugar cubes for tea in a jar with whole cloves or cinnamon sticks; they absorb the spicy fragrance. I think I'd also include cardamon as a possible spice to try.

As a young girl, I loved how my Auntie Ruth would serve black tea after a big family meal, in which she added fresh orange peel and cloves to her big Royal Albert teapot. It's still a favorite flavor for me. Constant Comment makes a tea like that nowadays.

I'm so glad for the gift of tea.

Wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. Love it! I am a hard core tea drinker -- with sugar, of course --because I am in the South! LOL

  2. Black tea with orange peel & cloves sounds so comfy.
    Going to try that one!

  3. I had peppermint tea for breakfast this morning, it's finally cooled off enough at night to do!

  4. There's something civilised about tea that coffee just doesn't have.

  5. The weather is chilly and wet right now and you've made me want to make a cup of tea right now!

  6. Green tea for me please - no sweetener, just straight up!

  7. Tea is my favorite beverage :) In summertime I like iced tea sweetened with Stevia , but I drink hot tea all year long without sweetner.

  8. It's sad that I have never developed a true love for tea. -sighhhhhh- But I love your ideas for additions.

    Gentle hugs...

  9. I feel like Aunt Amelia's Attic comment. I have never longed for a cup of tea, but the idea is delightful.

  10. Ah there is nothing like tea in the afternoon. - Ayn Rand
    Beautiful post and a good reminder. I have missed a lot of simple pleasures lately and for the past two days I'm feeling their absence and wanting to return to simple comforts like sketching, drinking tea, being outside, listening to birds. Hugs to you!


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