Thursday, October 07, 2010

31 Things I Never Tire Of

Image by Iloorraa from Pixabay

in no particular order

1. heart to heart visits over coffee
2. rainy days
3. children’s laughter
4. reading in bed
5. a glass of cold water
6. chocolate
7. my kitty cats
8. inspiring people to see new possibilities
9. the smell of bookshops
10. buying notebooks
11. sunny autumn days
12. tiny sandwiches and tea in china cups
13. the beach
14. watching people
15. winter days when the sky is bright and sunny
16. the smell of coffee
17. indigo blue and white
18. walks in beautiful gardens or nature
19. giving gifts for no occasion
20. laughing
21. hearing “I love you”
22. walking into an uncluttered, organized room
23. gorgeous color combinations
24. re-reading my classic Victoria magazines
25. journaling in pretty notebooks
26. snuggling with my sweetie
27. learning how to love like Jesus
28.studying at the library
29.  pencils and crayons
30.  English country anything 
31.  watching happy dogs out for their walks

Wishing you beautiful moments to treasure today!


  1. Now that is a wonderful list! I would have several of those on my list too!

  2. Hi Brenda! That is a fabulous list!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Great list thanks for sharing.


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