Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simply Sunday: Enjoy Me

Today I am pleased to share the beautiful words written by St. Teresa of Avila. It's amazing that the words penned by a woman who lived centuries ago can still resonate within the hearts of those who call the Lord Jesus their King and Savior in the 21st century. Words live a long time and I'm very grateful these survived for us to enjoy today.

"Just these two words He spoke changed my life."
~ St. Teresa of Avila

"Enjoy Me."
What a burden I thought I was to carry -
a crucifix, as did He.
Love once said to me, "I know a song,
Would you like to hear it?"
And laughter came from every brick in the street.
And from every pore in the sky.
After a night of prayer, He
changed my life when He sang,
"Enjoy Me."

I first saw this poem posted by Pam from On The Road and appreciate her allowing me to repost it here. This piece really touched my heart in a tender way. Just image, the Lord of the universe inviting us to enjoy Him.  How could we refuse such an entreaty?  

Wishing you joy in this new day, 


  1. I've been popping in and out (connectivity issues) trying to say that this is one of the most wonderful things I've ever read. Really, how often do we think of just enjoying Him? I hope to think of it way more often now...

  2. Beautiful post.... one of my favorite authors...

    Enjoy today!

    Hugs.. Matty

  3. another peaceful sabbath almost over...

  4. Great words to read (anytime).


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