Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Leaves and Berries

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
~ Emily Bronte

A perfect autumn day.
Warm with a wispy touch of cool,
sparrows chattering in the treetops,
Kitty's snoozing in a sunbeam
and I'm off to my writers' conference.

Wishing you a WONDERFUL weekend!

 © Photo: Brenda Leyland



  1. Such a lovely post and those autumn colours are simply gorgeous.

  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  3. Can you believe that it is that time of the year already?

  4. So this is the BIG weekend!
    Sending prayers. Be sure to tell us all about it! Don't forget the pictures!

  5. we spend the day today driving in the mountains, picnicing and enjoying the autumn colors

  6. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words :)

    Enjoy your weekend and thankyou very much! :)

  7. Oops, my comment disappeared! Here it is again...beautiful pictures and beautiful words!

    Enjoy your time there, happy weekend, and thankyou too.

  8. Our leaves are already turning, at least a couple weeks earlier than usual.

    My daughter tells me New England is showing beautiful color already.

    We have our first really cool high today after record highs in the 90s last week. I hope the cool stays!

  9. Beautiful photo....and yes we want to know all about the conference.

  10. Your pictures are always amazing! I'm so ready for fall.

  11. I'm following you now! Very pretty pictures. It was great meeting you at conference


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