Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 96. Magpie Treasures

Things are pretty much frozen in my garden now. I did spot a little squirrel snooping around our yard the other morning. It's not a usual sight to have squirrels here in our backyard, so I decided to leave a treat for the bushy-tailed fellow, snitching some fat peanuts from Hubby's personal stash.

Except...there has been no further sighting of my bushy-tailed acquaintance. Instead, a rather large magpie spied the peanuts, and he took up the task of 'squirreling' them under mounds of moldering leaves and snow piles.

Task accomplished, he took one in his beak and flew off with it. After all that hard work, I guess it was time for coffee break!

I love those nature moments...

Here's wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. We have snow today and the squirrels were running around everywhere. We have about 20 trees in our yard so we get to watch them alot.

  2. I love the beautiful "ROSES" and I love watching all the birds and squirrels being so busy trying to get ready for winter.

  3. ahhh...Rebekah, your yard sounds heavenly with so many trees... we have eight as our yard is small and fairly new. I hope the little squirrel comes again.

    Evelyn...I know you're a rose girl...I thought you'd like 'em!

  4. Brenda, I love magpies-I think they are really neat! It is really great that you got to see one. We don't have magpies in NC that I know of but I used to see them in Maine at my father's hunting cabin.

  5. you are keeping busy with feeding the wildlife...sounds fun.

  6. Sherri, I love magpies too! Around here many people do not, as they can be quite pesky with the smaller birds. But I have a special place in my heart for them.... they would chatter at me when I used to work at a 9-5 job. I'd walk to my building from the parkade through a lovely park. I always imagined that they said 'good morning' and somehow it set my day off to a good start. (I really needed it in those days!)

    Lin, it's funny, but I do tend to get attached to the little creatures that enter my world... somehow they feel like my friends. I even used to 'worry' about the birds when it would get so close to -40 around here in the winter time.... until I remembered...they're the ones with the feather ticks blankies! ha ha.

    We have birds like chickadees, sparrows, cedar waxwings, magpies, nuthatches, redpoles that tend to stay around for the winter.

  7. We have an entire grove with a variety of trees, large clusters of Oaks on our patio and side lawn, ancient and massive Cottonwoods sheltering the shade garden, and red willows, wild rose, elms, italian olive, fruit trees, and pine growing along the banks of the two creeks and scatterd elsewhere on the property. So... we have lots of squirrels, deer, birds, racoons, skunks, possum, and an occasional rabbit or wild turkey sharing our land with us. It's a delight!!

    I like the super sized magpie nests... and I like watching what some of the other birds do with them after they've been abandoned by their builders.

  8. mom/caryn, I sigh wistfully when I envision all the wonderful trees and wildlife you experience in your own backyard. How splendid!


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