Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 87. Wintery Wednesday

Yesterday morning we woke to a winter wonderland. It was totally unexpected to find our whole neighbourhood frosted over like wedding cake, when even the weatherman didn't warn us.

But what a treat for the eyes! Every tree and shrub was festooned with heavy snow, branches laid low. And as the morning dawned and temperatures rose, there was that magical moment in the day when plops of snow melted from branches like candle wax.

The current issue of Victoria came with a sampler CD of Christmas music performed by Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Hoffman. What with the snowy day outside and an appetizer of holiday melodies inside, my appetite is whet for more. Maybe it's time to bring out the seasonal music and movies in earnest. Anyone else out there starting to feel it?

Happily yours,


  1. nope it's 60 degrees and sunny. did have a little rain a few days ago but no snow...hurrah!

  2. Oh, my what a beautiful picture! All we had in Spruce Grove was dampness and grey skies. So there you go, a few miles apart makes a difference! :)

  3. How beautiful! But we are glad it never gets that cold here!

  4. I only work one or two days a week... let me rephrase that. I only go into the office once or twice a week. My broker's been playing Christmas music the last couple of times I've gone in.
    I think it's a wee bit early for that. Our family rule was that we'd start playing Christmas Carols the day after Thanksgiving, not a day before. But, it does get the holiday juices flowing.

    There's a definite nip in the air now. We had one afternoon of snow that covered the pastures and settled on the trees like quilts. It melted quickly. I think of Lin and how warm she is in her beloved Southern Utah. I think of how she can still run all of her errands in a light sweater and walk across the lawn in flip flops. I start to envy her... then I think about not having all of the glories of spring, the fall leaves brightly dancing in an Autumn breeze, and the soft whispers of winter snow that calms the countryside in December. I grew up in California and never experienced shuffling through 5 inches of leaves under cottonwood trees. I never tasted snowflakes on my tongue or stared awestruck at Rhine's Ice sparkling on telephone wires, fences, and bare branches in winter. I would miss the seasons!! Yes... I was starting to feel it... and your beautiful post has intensified those feelings immensely!

  5. mom/caryn...loved your phrase 'settled on trees like quilts'....

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the season....

  6. Beautiful picture! It's starting to feel a little chilly here and most of the leaves are on the ground. I always hate to see autumn turn into winter, but an occasional snow makes it fun!

  7. Great pic Brenda! I am already thinking about getting the tree up-probably this weekend. lol.

  8. Yep, I'm starting to feel Christmas a-comin'... and I'm starting to get excited about it, finally! I'd been resisting the thought for the past few weeks, but now that all the stores are getting festively stocked, and the TV commercials are playing Christmasy music... it's getting me. ;P

    BTW, thank you so much for the compliment you wrote on my blog about liking it and planning to return. That's very sweet. :)

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    Should Be Reading

  9. Oh, that's pretty! It was only early this year when I appreciated snow. I didn't really think it could be pretty but I was wrong.

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    I googled to see if there was anything like CommentLuv available for blogspot users. I found this:

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  11. It does look like a wonderland dusted with confectioner's sugar and icing! Wonderful!!!!! I'll never get to see that here so I'll have to enjoy your beauty vicariously.


  12. Thanks Everyone! Loved getting your feedback.

    Dar, Did you put your tree up yet? I'm going to wait till the next weekend.... my hubby always teases that the Christmas police (grinch) is going to fine me for starting so early. ha ha.

    I Blog Because, thanks for the tip on the CommentLuv info.. I appreciate it.

    Cindy, Glad you stopped by. I have to come by and visit soon.


  13. Brenda, the tree is going up today. lol. I'll make sure I hide from the Christmas police-lol. I love to have everything up early so I can really enjoy it. I'm so looking forward to the lights shining at night.

  14. Hey Dar, Glad to hear your tree is up. Guess what I did this afternoon? A friend and I went to a Christmas card "stampin' Up" workshop. In just a couple of hours we had 10 great cards made, all ready to go for the upcoming holiday season. I really feel in the mood now.

    Are you posting a pic of your tree sometime?

  15. Brenda, that would have been so much fun-I bet they're gorgeous.

    I will post a pic of the tree when I get it all decorated. Probably a week or so I think. I'm so excited to get going on the decorating.

  16. Morning Dar, I'll look forward to seeing your tree pics when you post them. Have a great day!


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