Saturday, November 08, 2008

Day 83. Day's End

What an amazing and freeing day. At a conference all day where the sessions revolved around the theme 'Reclaiming Your Identity'. It was about exposing the areas where people have picked up lies about themselves (often from the words of other people or what we believe about ourselves) and replacing those distorted images with the truth of who we are. So that we can be free to blossom into the glorious individuals God originally fashioned us to be.

It was liberating and hopeful to be in a roomful of other people who shared the same longing to be free from any baggage that stunts our growth and our ability to bloom into our God-given destiny.

I'm posting this at the end of the day. My heart is full tonight and I'd love to chat more. However, my body longs for its bed and so I'm away to mine. May you find sweet sleep in your bed tonight!

Sending hugs,

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  1. sounds interesting and similar to a class I took and then taught years ago about uprooting your false beliefs about yourself. we all need to more kind and loving to ourselves.


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