Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 92. New Snow Everywhere

Methinks someone was sprinkling powdered sugar over the doughnuts Upstairs last night for we woke to find the neighbourhood covered with powdery white stuff again.

Or... it could be craft sparkles and glitter. Maybe the instructors forgot to put the lids back on the glitter jars. You see, yesterday a friend and I went to a Stampin' Up Christmas card workshop. Above is a pic of one card we worked on. 'Twas a fun afternoon playing with paper, stamps, ribbon, and glitz.

Here's wishing you a lovely new day!


  1. Clever post! Love the playful descriptions of your snowfall. And... the card is so cute! How long do you think it'll be before no one knows what a film strip is anymore? My grandson had no clue when we made some birthday invitations for his little brother that looked like one. Skate keys, clippies, and film strips. Foreign objects.

  2. Hey mom/caryn, Thanks for the feedback on my posting! Much appreciated.

    I find it interesting that many of the current generation seems so unaware of historical items of only a decade or two past.

    I think I was a lot more aware of the era of my parents and grandparents....perhaps because I read so much? So even though I javascript:void(0)might not have lived in the time, I did quite often have at least an inkling of what was what.

    Do you find that?

  3. Hey Ms. Brenda, my wife used to be a Stampin' Up demonstrator. She just recently resigned and has lots of pads and other stuff for sale real cheap.

    That's a cute card!

  4. Hello Mr. TC.... I just sent a note over to your site. It was nice to browse around, especially with the music in the background.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and for your timely compliment!

  5. We have snow flurries in our forecast tonight... doesn't it seem kind of early for snow?

    It can be fun to create your own Christmas cards... we did that for a few years, including printing them, until we were ready to find an easier way.

  6. Kelly Cat, Nice to hear from you.

    it's been quite blustery today, haven't heard our forecast for tomorrow....who knows? Miss Kitty did venture out for a brief moment only to skitter back in when her toes got cold.

    I scrapbooked Christmas cards one year -- actually prefer it over stamping up... other times I buy them from the store; just depends what I feel like doing that year. As you say, sometimes easier is best.

  7. well we just returned from foggy california but went through las vegas and it was 80 degrees so it's still fall in the desert...cute card.

  8. Lin, I saw your pics as you traveled through Vegas.... so you got home safe and sound. Glad to hear it.

    It was quite a blustery day, so I can't imagine 80 degrees today.


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