Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 85. About Kitties

I quickly popped over to see my feline friends Gandalf and Grayson -- Grayson being the spittin' image of my own gray puddypuss who's posing here in the clover.
It was deja vu watching Grayson wandering around in a little video. Not only does he look like my cat, Sullivan, he even has similar mannerisms. It was comforting to catch sight of this other kitty who lives thousands of miles away in another country, who reminds me of my own furry beast, who unfortunately got ill and moved to kitty heaven. I sure do miss him and I miss putting my face into all that soft, sweet smelling fur. He'd purr and purr when I did that.
I am grateful today for this little glimpse of 'puddytat' heaven, and I'm grateful to Gandalf and Grayson's mom for sharing her videos with us here in blogland. They have been a real treat.
Sending purry hugs,


  1. I'm working on a newsletter also for our local writers group after I spend the morning editing our booklet of poems. Busy day-then off to rock art class tonight-a fun diversion.

  2. Rock art.... tell me more....sounds like a fun thing, as you say.


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