Tuesday, November 25, 2008

100 Postings In 100 Days!

It's celebration time! One hundred days ago, I published my very first post on It's A Beautiful Life. One hundred posts later and it's time to get out the champagne ... to celebrate my little achievement.

I never imagined that setting the challenge to do 100 postings in 100 days would impact my life so much -- I wanted to use blogging as a way to develop the habit to write more regularly and consistently. To quit 'aspiring' and actually write, not just talk about it. And here I've done it! That's why I'm so excited.

What fun it's been too! I've met so many interesting and creative bloggers.  I've been learning my way around blogland, wrestling with the 'technie bits' as I tried my hand at uploading photos and new backgrounds. Not to forget the joy of anticipation as I sat here at my computer every day thinking up new posts that would hopefully spark readers' interest.

So thank you, Beautiful Readers, for making this new beginning so enjoyable. I appreciate hearing from so many of you -- it has made the beginning of my blogging journey sweet and oh so worthwhile.

In response to the question some of have asked, what will you do now? I'm having too much fun to stop now. I may not be here every single day, but I'm certainly going to continue blogging. I'd miss you too much.

Here's wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. Congratulations, Sis! Doing ANYTHING a 100 times is an accomplishment!

    Your "young" bro,

  2. Congradulations you made it l00 blogs l00 days. Don't quit I will be looking to see if you have one of your wonderful messages on again. You could go for another l00 Brenda

  3. You are a gifted and prolific writer indeed! I, for one, am ever so happy that you made the commitment and rose to the challenge. Ive enjoyed every word since I hopped on your train of thought. Stay on track. I'm packing a few ideas of my own and look forward to continuting to travel with you through blogger country.

  4. Brenda, congrats on your 100th blog!! You made it!! Enjoy your day!

  5. Wow! I came on-line this afternoon and found a whole pile of happy wishes waiting for me. Thanks, everyone!

    As Caryn said, I too look forward to continuing traveling through this wonderful blogger country with you all.

  6. 100 posts! That's awesome. It's gone by pretty much in a flash! Happy trails, sister!

  7. congrats, it is so fun, i've been going for over a year now trying to write daily...some days i have more on my mind and others so it's fun to schedule for future blogs when you know you'll be busy. i already have the next two day's blogs scheduled.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, I never doubted that you would get to your destination. love you !

  9. Congratulations! I am enjoying your articles and look forward to more. But I certainly will understand if you take a short rest!

  10. I too want to congratulate you! At day one, 100 seemed a long way in the future but time has gone by quickly and you reached your goal! That is awesome! Maybe soon I'll join you in blogger land.

  11. I just came online and found more wonderful wishes from you beautiful readers. Thank you!

    As our well known Mr. Twain once said, I can live for two months on a good compliment..... your positive feedback gives me wings to soar to new challenges and new writing ideas.

  12. Congratulations on reaching your goal. I have enjoyed reading each and every blog and glad to have reached your goal with you.

    Please continue to enlighten our day.

  13. Hey Terrill.... Good to hear from you! And yes, I've been loving this blogging stuff so much, I shall continue....

    Glad you've been tracking with me!

  14. Congrats Brenda! I know I enjoy your posts so I hope you don't stop.

  15. Bravo! Way to go! Congrats on 100 posts in 100 days. Here's to at least a 100 times 100 more! ;o)

  16. Dar, I was hoping the Christmas police didn't snatch you away....I hadn't seen your lovely face for a few days! (LOL) Good to hear from you again and thanks for the sweet reply.

    Katherine, as you say, here's to the next 100! I noticed in your profile you enjoy musical movies, like the King and I. Ahhh...me too! Home sweet house. Thanks for stopping by!


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