Saturday, December 01, 2018

Day 1. Let The Countdown Begin


"People have long thought me crazy because
of my love affair with snow. ...
And Christmas? Well, Christmas just isn't
the same without snow. I love the way a heavy snowfall
wraps the view outside my window like a sparkling gift."

~ Debra Mayhew, The 129-Year Snow
Christmas Miracles, Chicken Soup for the Soul Special Edition

December is one of my favourite, favourite months of the year. I like the short days and having sunset at four in the afternoon. I like cold, snowy days. And, I love that my favourite time of year -- Christmas -- is right in the middle of it. I like that so many people get all excited about Christmas celebrating with family and friends. It used to be just a day or two we observed, but now it's become a month long festivity. And why not? It's good to have nice things to look forward to -- we don't have to try to stuff all its goodness into one day.

So, in these days leading up to Christmas, I'll be sharing a few of my favourite posts from Christmases Past. And because we can't have Christmas without presents, we're having a Giveaway  Draw which I'll be sharing this coming Monday (Dec 3rd). To enter the draw, you'll need to leave a comment on the Monday post.

So, let the count down begin ... here is a list of my Christmas favourites.

Wishing you a happy day,


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  1. I too love comments, seems most of my commenters on my blog have either dropped out or gone to Facebook. Times change when you've been blogging so long 11 years now. Thanks for being my online friend...I've enjoyed all your posts.

    1. We go back a long ways already, Lin. Thank you for your friendship too all these years.

  2. I love the month of December! I would love a dusting of snow but we are having rain today.

    1. It's really snowing here today. We are supposed to be having a family dinner for birthdays and some early Christmas with certain family members. They have to travel a good distance, so it's dicy today.:(

      Shall I blow some your way? It looks so lovely.

  3. I too love Christmas and all the excitement it brings. I also love the snow and even a good snow storm.

  4. December is a favourite month of mine, as well. And how I love snow. We get it so rarely that it's a gift when it comes and I revel in the beauty of it. Looking forward to your countdown!

  5. You like short days? And snow? You are perfectly suited for your corner! ☺️ I dislike short days and find that the only thing that helps are the beautiful Christmas lights. Stay cozy over there...

  6. I love December, a glorious and magical month. And, I am a winter girl - love deep snows and wonderful books. Nothing better. Wishing you a most beautiful month, Brenda.

  7. I enjoy the Christmas festivities in December too!

  8. Crazy as it seems, I love the short days of December too...when I make it home from work and it's almost dark, it's hard to get me back out for the evening. And's few and far between here in the south so I relish every bit we get!


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