Thursday, December 13, 2018

Day 13. Wonky Donkey

photo: caroline herandez |

My ideas are frozen
The words really stuck
Maybe it's all from the baking
My mind's turned to mush

One little thought
from a YouTube I viewed
Could be the wee gift
you're seeking and need

For the kid with a funny streak
and sweet giggles besides
Check this out -- Wonky Donkey
Even Grannies have cried

I dare you to listen and not be tickled too
Click here for the storybook
You'll be hooked out the gazoo

* * *

Happy Thursday!


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  1. LOL, I saw that video of the grandmother reading to her grandbaby too, laughed my head off! It's the perfect little stocking stuffer for the little ones. Or not so little ones! The author is a kind of genius, to write something so truly silly and such good fun for kids and adults!

  2. I keep watching it over and over -- it makes me laugh every time!! You're right, the authors are genius!

  3. I'm not sure the little boy quite understood it!! Grandma had me in hysterics.

  4. Hugely popular and my little great-nephew will be receiving one for Christmas. They were, not so long ago, selling for hundreds of dollars a copy. They’re back in print now.

  5. I saw this a few months ago and laughed so hard!
    I knew I HAD to get the book for our grandchildren. It took several weeks for it to come, (back ordered).
    We have more fun reading it to each other!

  6. I just purchased this for my 4 year-old grandson and can't wait to read it to him. He's obsessed with rhyming words at the moment, so I'm sure we'll have fun reading it.

  7. Thank you for telling us about this book and the granny reading it. I haven't laughed so much for a long time. It is absolutely briliant. I am going to order a copy of the book although I don't think I could read it aloud.


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