Monday, December 10, 2018

Day 10. Christmas Oranges and Giveaway Winner


"The Christmas oranges are here!" This used to create quite a flurry of excitement at our house when we were kids. The fragrant mandarin oranges, wrapped individually in green tissue, had traveled all the way from Japan in the Far East to our frozen northern land of Canada. Happening only once a year, they always arrived in time for Christmas. Hence, the nickname Christmas oranges. We also referred to them as Japanese oranges for their place of origin. I don't think we ever knew them as mandarin oranges until decades later.

As a girl, I loved this sweet juicy orange and looked forward to eating my share each year, but I never realized until yesterday just how much I still anticipate breaking open the thick skin and letting the scent unique to mandarins waft to my nose. For me, that's a smell of Christmas, and when I catch that first citrus spritz on the air, I'm right back in my childhood. 

I remember visiting my grandma when I was little. We'd sit in her little front room, each of us carefully removing the soft peel of a Christmas orange. I no longer remember if it was my friends at school, if it was my grandma, or maybe my dad, who first showed me how to peel it so as to create a long trunk and two 'elephant' ears all in one piece. We'd sit there in the peace and quiet, experiencing a sense of mutual enjoyment. No gulping, no rushing. Just being in the moment. Enjoying the treat.  I am warmed by that memory.

Now I don't usually hand out advice, but something I jotted down some years ago still works for me so I'll share it: For many people, things get busy this time of year. Sometimes stopping to carve out mini breaks helps give our bodies a chance to rest, to catch up. Why not take a few minutes to enjoy a mandarin or clementine. Sweet and juicy, full of fibre and nutrients like Vitamin C, I think they are a wonderful treat for our bodies. Have to admit, I have never felt sluggish or a little out of sorts from eating this juicy treat. So, here's to nature's sweet gift.

* * *

And, now to announce the winner of the Amazon gift card Giveaway....


Congratulations! Woohoo!

Sharon, I'm so pleased to be able to send you the $25 Amazon gift card. Connect with me so I can get your email address, and before you know it, the gift card will be in your inbox in time for a bit of Christmas shopping fun. 

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered the draw! Your participation helped to made it a fun event.

Share a slice of Christmas sweetness
with someone this week.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.


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  1. The clementines are just coming into our shops, and you are right, they are a little tonic!

  2. Oh we, too, had Christmas oranges, though ours came from Florida. They were stored in their big box in the front hall closet because it was so cool there. The aroma when we retrieved our coats was a wonderful citrusy blend of fresh air and pinecones. Mother always kept cinnamon pinecones in the closet.

    Loved reading your remembrances and warm congrats to your winner!

  3. We always had a mandarin orange in our Christmas stocking!

  4. I remember those days too of waiting for the Christmas oranges,
    after reading this I feel the need to sit and have a Christmas orange!

  5. Congratulations to the winner. Oh those Christmas oranges! I too have memories of carefully unwrapping the orange and then peel it and delight in those juicy slices. My Grandpa, who I have very few memories of, called them 'zipper-skinned' oranges, because they peeled so easily.

  6. Congrats to the winner! The only orange that I ever received for Christmas was Terry's Chocolate Orange. HA!

  7. We called them Japanese oranges, because of their country of origin. And I loved using the wooden boxes they came in for dolls or books.
    Congratulations to Sharon!

  8. Congratulations Sharon! We always had a Christmas orange in the bottom of our Christmas Stocking (along with a handful of nuts and some chocolate coins!) I think Mum hoped it might keep us quiet a little longer in the early morning. :)

  9. As "Christmas approached, the town became gorgeous".
    Christmas song flows, and a roadside tree is displayed with gorgeous neon.
    I am excited just to walk the town. "

  10. Dear Brenda I have been enjoying the clementines this season as well. Wonderful sweetness and so good for us too. Hugs!

  11. Congrats to your lucky winner and thanks for the fun! Enjoy your afternoon. Holiday hugs!


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