Monday, December 17, 2018

Day 17. The Tree Awaits

There really is something special about waiting to decorate the tree until it's nearer the big day. When I was a girl, our family put up the tree just two or three days before Christmas. When I grew up and had my own home, at first I did it the way we always did it at home. But once we got an artificial tree, I loved putting up the tree at the beginning of December and being able to enjoy its comforting light and beauty all month long. But now, since Hubby and I have taken to getting a fresh tree the last few years, we put it up much later in the month, to keep it from being all worn out by the time Christmas arrives.

In our world of having access to just about everything 'instant', I have found something special about giving my soul a chance to wait for something again. To anticipate the arrival for something -- in this case, Christmas. And not speed through to the next thing. There is often such a rush this time of year, perhaps putting up the tree a little later is one small way I can slow myself down just a little.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play, and wild and sweet
The words repeat of peace on earth, good-will to men!

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We got our pretty spruce tree on Friday, and we let it sit in the garage a day to guzzle up the gallons of water it needed once it was cut. Rick set it up in the usual corner of our family room, opposite the fireplace. While half watching, half listening to one of my favourite Christmas movies The Bishop's Wife yesterday afternoon, I unpacked the lights and ornaments. As there was nothing else on the agenda, just me and my own thoughts and a box of ornaments to muse over, I spent a couple of happy hours getting them on. For it is a studied business when it comes to deciding where each ornament should be placed to create an overall pleasing effect. Even after the official announcement is made -- it's done -- the next few days often find me tweaking an ornament here, a light placement there.

Ornaments old and new. Ornaments we bought together the first year we were married. The special ones we found during our honeymoon. The pretty ones we received as gifts from friends. The tartan heart and kitty from our trip to Scotland, even one or two remaining ornaments (above) carefully saved from my childhood Christmases. And these jolly red and white sprigs (below) which I found last year and fell in love with -- they seem not to take themselves too seriously -- good advice when it comes to decorating our trees.

Some years I make plans in advance of what I want to create. Sometimes it's a colour scheme or a certain theme. Sometimes like this year, there is no plan, no specific colour scheme, it's choosing whatever makes my heart sing when I see it. The gold bows at the top, the spot usually reserved for stars and angels, were once the pew markers at our wedding twenty ago. So that's special for me.

I loved the white lights, Rick likes the coloured ones. So we have strands of each. And they make a pretty blend. And, so here's our tree...

That's a wrap. And that's our tree for Christmas 2018. Yes, I already tweaked since the photos. And speaking of photos, writing this post and taking these few photos -- trying to get a half decent look took much longer than it did to decorate the tree itself.

Looking out my window, it's late afternoon and nearly sunset. The sky is a gorgeous pale pink along the horizon. This evening we are attending the local Christmas production of Singing in the Rain, and I am feel quite jolly about it all. On that note, I'm wishing you a beautiful evening. 


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  1. That's a lovely tree, very festive! Sets a wonderful tone for the coming holiday. Enjoy your outing.

  2. Whatever works for you! It's your world. ☺ The tree is gorgeous and must smell heavenly.

  3. Oh your tree looks lovely. Enjoy this season.

  4. Oh, it's a beautiful tree! The wood screen behind it is such a nice backdrop for it too. One of my daughters-in-law grew up in a family where the tree always went up Christmas Eve. And she married my son who could not imagine doing that. I always had so much to do on Christmas Eve that I couldn't possibly have added tree decorating to the list. But like you, I continue tweaking--don't tell anyone but I do it even after Christmas is over.

    Saving the pew bows from your wedding to use to top your Christmas trees was brilliant!

  5. Your tree is lovely. The use of your wedding bows is brilliant. Tim liked coloured lights and we had them for many years until I convinced him that white would be pretty, too. So that's what we have now, but there are coloured lights outside. I am learning to enjoy the waiting for Christmas and the gradual unfolding of events rather than having it all "done" early.

  6. Your tree looks wonderful, Brenda! I also tweak and relocate some of the ornaments for optimal display.


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