Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Easy Like Holidays


“In the case of good books, the point is not to see how
many of them you can get through,
but rather how many can get through to you.”
~ Mortimer J. Adler

Once the presents are handed out and the turkey dinner has been prepared and eaten, for me that's when the real holidays--the relaxing--can begin. I love Christmas and all the hubbub of getting ready. But I admit loving these days between Christmas and New Year's. Just as the days before Christmas were busy, the days following are now quiet and easy as we relax, spending time reading, playing games, putting puzzles together, going for walks on snowy afternoons. 

When I was a girl, I loved getting books for Christmas. When the holiday festivities were over, my siblings and I looked forward to all those wonderful school holidays when we could play with our new toys, start our new craft projects, and spend hours whiling away winter afternoons with our noses in new books.

Decades later not much has changed in that department. I still get excited about receiving books for Christmas, and I still love to curl up on a winter's evening with something nice to read. I've been flipping through the books I received, facing the hard but gleeful decision about which book from my little pile to read first. I tend to read the front and back covers, flip through the introduction, and dip into a page or two. I do the same with each book, until I realize which one is drawing me in.

Here's what Santa brought me this Christmas:

Becoming Mrs. Lewis 
by Patti Callahan (novel, 2018)

"The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis"

* * *

Prairie Fires
The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
by Caroline Fraser (2017)

This biography draws on unpublished manuscripts, letters, diaries,
land and financial records, filling in the gaps in Ms Wilder's life story.

* * *

Becoming Madeleine
by Charlotte Jones Voiklis and Lena Roy (2018)

A biography of the author of A Wrinkle in Time written by her granddaughters.

* * *

No Time to Spare
Thinking About What Matters
by Ursula K. Le Guin (2017)  

"...I am going to be eighty-one next week. I have no time to spare."


While I consider that, I'm also working my way through An Irish Country Christmas (2008) by Patrick Taylor. It's the heartwarming tale of two doctors living in the cozy village of Ballybucklebo, and all the adventures they get up to as they work hard to keep their patients healthy and happy as the Christmas season approaches. It's a delightful read.

 “Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.”
~ Diane Duane

Today we're eating a few turkey leftovers, nibbling on sweet treats, drinking tea, working on a short book review due January first. There are plans in the wind to go see the new Mary Poppins movie with a girlfriend -- I'm hearing good reviews. Plus, we off to visit family later in the week.

Nice and easy ... grateful for these good gifts.

I'll be away from my blog for a wee while.

Here's wishing you beautiful days ahead.


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  1. All those books sound interesting! Happy New Year, Brenda!

  2. Enjoy...I love the in between week too!and yes, those books sound great!

  3. Keep enjoying these wonderful days. I really like the week between Christmas and New Year’s as well. Happy movie...happy family!

  4. Like you Brenda, all I wanted for Christmas was books! Every year I would have the next Arthur Ransome story which was always so exciting! Now I'm reading a very eclectic choice of books.

  5. This week is a wonderful time. The rush is over and the lull is peaceful. Wishing you an amazing 2019.

  6. Oh, I am so with you! I love the time between Christmas and New Year's. This is Christmastime. Time to relax, eat cookies, sit by the fire, and read a good book. Your books sound wonderful. I am the same way. I read the book jacket, the intro, and take time to get a feel for the book (reading the first page a couple times in order to get the setting established in my mind) before I dive in. The anticipation is part of the whole experience. Enjoy! xo Deborah

  7. I agree with you Bren, this is a lovely time. I have taken a little time away from sorting magazines and books to read your post. Love your assortment of books, they all sound wonderful. Enjoy your peaceful days and visit to see family. Happy New Year!

  8. I also love the quiet week between Christmas and New Year. When I was a kid, my parents would give me books for Christmas. These days, I tend to borrow books from my local library. I'm currently reading "Marilla of Green Gables" (another library lend) based on your suggestion. Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  9. Soon after Christmas, Japanese people start preparing for the year-end and New Year’s events.
    Compared to Christmas, many of these events are based on Japanese tradition and are deeply related to religion.
    The end-of-year party is called “bonenkai” in Japanese. “Bonen” means to forget (the worries of) the past year.
    People are busy with events on New Year’s Eve.

  10. A very cozy time of year - love your book selection. I've read some of Patrick Taylor's books and enjoyed them all. It's so nice to have a stack of new books. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. x Karen

  11. Can't believe my computer security finally allowed me back in. What an unexpected surprise for me!

    I love the serenity between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, too, Bren, and I've spent a good part of it reading books. The tree is down (outside now for the birdies), but the decorations will stay up a while longer, and the little white lights will remain year-round.

    Thank you for another beautiful post. Happiness and Health to you in the new year!

  12. Your reading list looks nice. I love getting lost in a new book. I'm currently reading the latest Preston & Child book in the Pendergast series. Happy 2019!

  13. Dear Brenda your week after Christmas sounds so much like my week. I certainly look forward to it every year. Enjoy your time away. I hope to see you in the New Year. Hugs!


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