Sunday, December 09, 2018

Day 9. Heaven Everywhere

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"It's the grace that we show
to a world that needs hope"

Line from Heaven Everywhere
Songwriters: Ben Glover / Francesca Battistelli

Yesterday afternoon we had the happy pleasure of attending our community choir's Christmas concert. As I sat listening to all the beautiful songs and carols old and new, it really made the feeling of Christmas whoosh in. There was one song in particular, new to me, that the youth choir performed. They sang like angels, and by the time they finished the last note I was in love with a new favourite song for Christmas -- the melody, the lyrics, all of it.

I knew then that I wanted to share this sweet, beautiful song with you today. Click on the link to hear it sung by Francesca Battistelli...

* * *

It's my prayer for us ... for our world today
on this Second Sunday of Advent.

With a gentle kiss atop thy head.


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  1. That song is new to me as well, it's lovely!

  2. That was really nice. I had not heard it before. Don’t you love when that Christmas feeling comes whooshing in? I surely do and it never quite comes in the same way twice. Sparkle on...


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