Tuesday, December 01, 2015

One. Let the Countdown Begin

"I think the child in any of us is not far away at Christmas. We get some sort of special permission, perhaps, to dream and savor and dance." ~ Nancy Shuman, Fellow Blogger

The count down begins in earnest for what I consider the most wonderful time of the year. There is so much about this season that I love. Sometimes I wish the whole world could just take all of December off -- put away war games and crime, poverty and cruelty -- so everyone who wants to could join in the celebration and receive for themselves those ancient tidings of great joy.

But since many can't take the whole month off, then it's important to sneak away for little Christmas breaks, tiny moments every day -- all through the month -- looking for those things that bring moments of joy, delight and comfort. For yourself and for others.

Today I'm offering a simple list -- written in no particular order -- of some of my seasonal favourites. For I've learned to take enjoyment in the little things that come all along, to savour some of the extra treats all month long, not just waiting until the big day, thinking all the magic should happen in one particular 24-hour period. Seems a lot to ask of any day, of any celebration, don't you think? 

1. Old fashioned striped peppermint candy canes
2. Twilight at three in the afternoon
3.  Frosty patterns on window panes
4. Snow crunching under car tires
5.  Waiting for that 'spirit' of Christmas to arrive

6. Choirs singing old carols
7. Children singing Away in a Manger
8. Snow...snow...snow
9.Packages in the mail
10. Small chocolate surprises

11. Winter days when the sky is bright and sunny
and snowdrifts look blue from long shadows
12. The smell of coffee brewing
13.  Writing Christmas cards and letters
14. Listening to Handel's Messiah
15. Warm scones and strawberry jam

16. Packages tied up with string
17. Wrapping presents in tissue and ribbons
18. The sound of sleigh bells
19. Yards of satin ribbon in reds and greens
20. Glittery balls

21. Red holly berries
22. Hot cider and spiced rum
23. The surprise in presents
24. The holy hush that descends on Christmas Eve
25. Poinsettias

26.  twinkly lights in windows
27. A red bow on the front door
28.  the fresh smell of cedar, spruce and pine
29. Christmas stickers
30.  Fruitcake with lots of cherries and nuts

31.  Ginger spice cookies and shortbread
32.  Be-ribboned packages
33. Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon
34. Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher
35. Putting together seasonal jigsaw puzzles

36.  Sitting by the fireplace
37. Watching the tree lights twinkle in the dark
38. Turkey dinner and all the trimmings
39. Shaking presents under the tree

40. Tucking little treats inside the Christmas card
that you know will be a tiny surprise
41. Bringing out the Christmas music and
playing the festive songs on the piano
42. Finding out the radio is already playing
your favourite Christmas music
  43.  The Christmas Story as told by Linus in Charlie Brown's Christmas

What would you add to your list?




  1. such a wonderful list of Christmas favorites. I have long wanted to experience Christmas in the snow - it is always so hot here in Australia for Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas moments and have a wonderful week. And thank you for stopping by my blog.

  2. That's a wonderful list, Brenda. I'm going to add, seeing a little one's face watching the lights, and nibbling on those special cookies baked only at this time of year.

  3. What a fantastic list! Rosamunde Pilcher is one of my favorite authors, but I don't remember Winter Solstice. I must check into that one! I like to take assorted homemade cookie trays to neighbors. They never expect it!

  4. Brenda, I am looking forward to all of these except those that relate to snow. I'll let you keep the snow in the north. I've lived there to enjoy some of the snow when I was younger, but prefer the warmer weather in the south now.

  5. Dear Brenda I love your list. It echoes mine. May this year peace reign in everyone's heart. Hugs!

  6. If your list doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will!
    Reading it just makes me warm all over! Now I'm excited!
    (Where did I put my Christmas decorations?)

  7. A wonderful list of fabulous things! I hope that you get to experience many of them! xx

  8. Oh, this is a wonderful list, Brenda! So many wonderful things to love about this time of year! I would add hot cocoa with whipped cream and watching snowflakes falling. I hope we get more snow! Wishing you a lovely Christmas season! xo Karen

  9. Candy candy-flavoured treats: tea, cookies, hot chocolate, ice cream! For me the anticipation of Christmas is just as exciting as Christmas Day!

  10. A list to cover most everything for the festive season Brenda.


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