Monday, December 14, 2015

Fourteen. A Real Live Dolly For Christmas

My little sister and I loved playing with our dolls when we were girls. We knew how to feed them, burp them, and change them. We knew how to comb their hair -- we once used our play scissors to cut it too -- we were not good at it.

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So you can imagine how thrilled we were when a real live dolly came home with Mom from the hospital one wintery day. Just days before Christmas. I was six and my little sister was three. L'il Sis reminds me we were staying at Grandma's and we saw Mommy coming to the door holding this big bundle of blankets in her arms.

This new dolly could blink; she could cry and she wet her pants too -- who could ask for anything more! Before long, she could sit and pose with us just like our dolls (I'm the one in the mosaic with the silly hat on). We loved being big sisters to our little sister. She was as cute as we were and such a sweetie pie too -- she still is even though she's all grown up now with adult kids of her own.

Today it's her birthday and we're celebrating Janet's life with BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES! She was a pretty special gift to our family that Christmas long ago, and we are very grateful for her presence in our lives today. Happy Birthday, dear Janny!

Wishing everyone a beautiful day, whether it's a birthday or an unbirthday,


  1. I love reading that you and your sisters love each other! My Sissie and I are often told how unusual we are because we love each other so much! We are each other's best friend! We talk on the phone first thing in the morning and sometimes during the day. We have a Sissie day every week or two where we shop and visit together.

    Blessings to your Sissie on her birthday! Many, many more!

  2. Oh, such fun! My little granddaughters have a brand new baby brother, and they look at him as their very own Christmas gift. :)

  3. What a cute post! I can tell that you had a lot of fun with her. She does look just like a doll baby for sure.

  4. What wonderful memories, it was obviously love at first sight of your sister! xx

  5. These are adorable photos!! Such cuties y'all were!

    Happy birthday to your sweet sister.

    I don't have a sister, but I always wished I did. Thankfully, I have 2 great sisters-in-law, neither of which have sisters either, so I have 2 sisters in them.

    Your christmas posts are beautiful and inspiring. I'm really enjoying this advent season here at your blog.


  6. Happy Birthday to Janet! We have twin daughters who will be 41 on the 23rd! Their sister was 20 months old. We're not too sure what she thought!:-)

  7. Thank you Brenda, a wonderful reminder of these sweet little girls many years ago!!

  8. What a cute post. A real live baby doll for Christmas! Those blue velvet jumper dresses look very much like some my mother made for my sister and me years ago. Always matching.

  9. I totally understand your sisters love to that little baby. I am elder sister,eleven years older than my dear. She was the best present for me when I was eleven and still is. I love her and can remember all that years when I took care of her as my own child.

  10. I'm so glad I didn't miss this post! I love seeing the photos of when you were little with your dolls and baby sister! What precious memories! (and the dolls look just like some I might have had when I was little) Hugs, Diane


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