Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ten. Light Up Your World

Day 10. Turn On The Lights

 Source: Pinterest

"The people who sit in darkness have seen a great light."

With the shortest day of the year almost upon us here in North America, grey, sunless days and early twilight can certainly begin to weigh in on people's spirits. Some people are more affected than others with these light-less days, but I think any of us -- even those of us who do take pleasure in early evenings and a few days of overcast skies -- can begin to feel the effects on our minds and emotions. 

So, on those days when I do feel a little pale in my soul, one way I push against the darkness is to add light by turning on lamps and candles and twinkle lights. It changes the mood of a room to walk into it when there's a sparkle of light on a dresser or table or window sill. I even have a photo of a studio all a-light with candles and a glowing desk lamp on my desktop when I open my computer -- I always feel cheered when I see it show up on my screen.

It's my pleasure to offer these wonderful 'light' pictures -- photos I've gathered that make me feel happy when I see them. It'd be my wish that you'll feel lighter and brighter for having visited today.


 Source:, artist unknown

This painting reminds me of my childhood Christmases, when we'd get to turn off all the 'big' lights and just bask in the warm glow of the tree lights. It made me feel safe and cozy. Those memories shimmer ever bright in my mind's eye, no matter how many Decembers have passed by.

Source: Pinterest

I'd love to do something like this in my bay window. Maybe as a build up treat just days before Christmas. I don't have a floor candle stand, but I have one that could sit on a small table. And, I can just imagine strings of twinkle lights hanging behind my lacy curtains. Our neighbourhood is getting more festive every day ... I would love to include this in the joy-making for people out walking their dogs or driving by on their way home from a busy day.

Artist Lisi Martin

And, don't you just love this painting of these two children, gazing out into the clear night skies, watching the light from the stars as they lean on the window seat? I can imagine myself inside this painting quite easily. I also think of Anne from Green Gables, for didn't she lean out from her window on more than one occasion watching the stars and the moon, dreaming as she did so?

You may recall, a few weeks ago I bought a string of golden pinecone lights with warm LED lights inside the bulbs. I meant to hang them from my front window until more decorating was done, but they only got as far as the bookshelf opposite the bed in our bedroom. For they have brought me so much joy to see them adding light on a dim day. I have even left them on all night and have been comforted to see the soft glow if I wake up from a restless sleep.

Earlier today, I visited Mia's blog where she shared with her readers such a lovely way of adding light to her life in Norway. She set a small bundle of evergreen boughs into a large mason jar filled with water, and then decorated the branches with fairy lights. It sits in her entry way, lighting up what she says is a dark corner in her entry way. It's charming and magical. You can catch Mia's post with lovely photos by clicking here.

Now, here's wishing you a beautiful, light-filled day!



  1. I love lots of extra lights and candles during the winter months. The pine cone candles are very pretty. My hubby bought a couple of twinkle light bulbs. We put one in a lamp and it twinkles. I love it! Hugs!

  2. good ideas, I'm just now starting to decorate-looking forward to my tree with sparkling lights. They even have electric candles now a days that don't have the risk of fire but give the same effect...

  3. Hello there! These are beautiful images. You are right, a softer light does soothe the heart!x

  4. I certainly feel the lack of light and have as many lights and candles as I can! xx

  5. Hello Brenda, love your pinecone lights. I am also loving the fairy lites we recentlt bought.
    The children gazing out is precious. Lovely images Brenda. Have a beautiful weekend. Happy Holidays.

  6. Hi Brenda, it is so nice to meet you and thank you very much for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours. Lovely sentiments in this post and I have enjoyed all the pictures you shared. I will visit Mia's post and thanks for her link. My sister and her family used to live in Norway many years ago. I remember visiting her in the summer and chatting away all night, being a bit shocked that she sun never really went down as I was waiting for it to get dark to signal it was time to go to sleep. I seem to remember my sister being affected by the winter months. I look forward to coming back and will put It's A Beautiful Life on my blog roll. Happy weekend to you :)

  7. Those pine-cone lights are just the cutest!


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