Friday, December 11, 2015

Eleven. Be Festive In Your Appearance

Day 11. Let's Gussy Up A Little
 Source: Pinterest

When I first spotted this glorious vintage graphic on Pinterest, I was smitten. I've never dressed up so exotically in real life, but in my imagination, oh my, I'm right there dressed to the nines. Maybe that's what I most enjoy about Downton Abbey -- all those stunning outfits Lady Mary and the others wear. And believe me, I am wearing those outfits; we envision ourselves not in the outfits of Anna, however charming she looks to Mr. Bates.

It's just as Susan Branch says,
"Reality is something you rise above."

Now, just to be clear on one point, in real life all that glorious fur would be faux.

By the way, if you haven't seen Susan's latest post, you are missing out on some fun -- it's very festive and jolly and cheerful. And has a lovely tip that I just have to pass along to you on my Advent Count Down today. It seems a perfect bit of advice for these greyish, darkish days as we go about getting ready for the giving season...

When you go out shopping, try to be a decoration,
wear something red, put on a cute hat, a sprig of holly ...
and be an elf. ~ Susan Branch

I know I appreciate seeing shoppers out doing errands outfitted in some sprightly fashion. It adds charm and beauty and fun, even if it's a simple sprig of holly tucked into a button hole or a whimsical sparkly snowman brooch pinned to a coat collar.

On a wind up note, if you haven't seen it yet, you might be interested in my other Advent Countdown series Restoring the Joy of Christmas. You can find it on my blog here or as a downloadable free PDF book here. I've been getting feedback that people are enjoying it -- which of course makes me heart happy.

Here's wishing you a joyful, beautiful day,


  1. What fun, to dress up and "be a decoration"! I shall look for ways to do just that:)

  2. I love adding little Christmassy touches with brooches and earrings at this time of year, it just makes things cheery doesn't it! That is a very glamorous picture indeed isn't it, I don't think that I could ever look like that, but it would be fabulous wouldn't it! xx

  3. I remember Susan's advice....I even put that calendar page "Be An Elf" out about this time with all sorts of wonderful tips. You reminded me just in time to grab my wreath pin and place it on my red coat. It's awfully warm to wear my Christmas scarf, but maybe...and the most important thing will be a smile!

  4. Ha, yes, I love being a Christmas ornament!!! Having worn novelty jewellery every day this week, I've heard children whispering about it and smiling or admiring something!x

  5. That is a beautiful print of the fur clad ladies. Today at the library I saw a wizened old dear with nothing left of her looks but a beautiful wrinkly radiant smile ... and it was then I noticed the dangling silver snowflake earrings she was wearing. You couldn't help but smile back. I wear my snowman pin with a thimble hat at this time of year ... makes ME happy anyway ;)

  6. ooh . . . those hats are pretty cool!! :) I do love those lovely clothes. I have a couple large sparkly brooches from my mother-in-law I like to put on this time of year.


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