Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Nine. Gleanings From Library Reading

Day 9. Quotables

I spent a couple of delightful hours at the library yesterday afternoon with hubby. How relaxing not to be in a rush anywhere. We weren't just dropping books off or picking up new ones; we were here on an outing.

Once we found seats near the fireplace, I went in search of some magazines -- the holiday issues -- and to see what books might catch my eye, also in the holiday theme. I came across a little book that I'd read a few years ago called How to Have A Perfect Christmas by Helen Isolde. An easy read, I added to the browsing pile on the small table beside my chair. I noticed a few people were doing that yesterday -- coffee, stacks of books, magazines or newspapers, and contented looks on faces.

Here are three quotes from Ms. Isolde's book that caught my eye this read through. Sometimes gift giving and busy times leading up to celebrations can add a bit of stress to people's minds and emotions, so I'm offering these three thoughts in case you feel the pressure:

"Don't expect to have the perfect gift for everyone. You won't, nor will they."

"Understand that only you can make yourself less busy."

"Think about someone who is trying to think of the perfect gift for you."

I'd be quite willing to share a little of what came to mind on these three thoughts, but we have window installers here today and I'm being ousted from my little office/study where my computer lives. 

Here's wishing you a beautiful day,



  1. A library with a fireplace, seats and coffee! How amazing.

  2. Really amazing! I have a library with a fireplace, but no coffee allowed. Now I am just jealous. It sounds so delightful.

  3. I appreciate the quotes you shared in this season of busyness for our family. And like your other commenters, I am quite impressed with the idea of a library with a fireplace...and coffee! Pure pleasure! :)

  4. Lovely post! Merry Christmas, Brenda! XO
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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