Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Beautiful Earth...

"The Earth. . .
is a sparkling blue and white jewel. . .
laced with slowly swirling veils of white. . .
like a small pearl in a thick sea of black mystery."

This morning I want to join with many others who are commemorating Earth Day 2014. I stop to give thanks and to say a little prayer for the beautiful blue planet we all call home. With Spring unfolding with all its promise for new life, we certainly feel the wonder again of how lovely nature really is... all of it, I believe, created in its very beginnings by God Himself.  

But, for all the joy in that, there is a piercing of the heart as I look around right here in my own region of the world to find that there are far too many in our world who do not share this wonder, nor do they seem to have any care for wise development of resources, or conservation or finding how to keep the delicate balance of nature and progress in our cultures.

Instead they seem intent on 'raping and pillaging' our lands, our forests, our wildlife, oceans and lakes, polluting our air, making the land work overtime so that nutrients are depleted, treating our domestic animals with the cruelest of actions.

But I'm reminded even as I type this piece today that if I keep my eyes on these things, I will surely lose hope.  For it is only in keeping my eyes on the Creator that I can find wisdom on how to live and care for the little corner of my world, not to mention how to speak 'heaven on earth' so that healing, restoration and hope can come to our world and we can have a better tomorrow.

There are many people who are doing their part to make the world, our very planet, a better place to live. I am grateful for each one.  Too often these good news pieces don't get as much attention as the bad news stuff -- but yes they are out there too.

In the middle of this, I want to tell you a little story I heard years ago. As I recall, there was a man, a poor rice farmer who lived somewhere in Asia.  This man learned how to pray for and bless his little rice paddy. As the story goes, he began to see results -- his fields began to flourish and he got bumper crops.  He began to pray for his neighbourhood then. Apparently he would stand on a little hill and he would lift his arm and hold it out in front of him as he prayed, turning himself around so that whatever he could see from every direction he would bless.

If that is a true story, and I believe it is, I think it serves as an example that we, too, can use our voices, not to lament and wail that this world is going to 'you-know-where' in a hand basket, but to use our voices to bless that which needs healing, restoration and fruitfulness. Do you have lakes that are polluted and fish dying in those lakes? Start to bless them and ask the Lord of this earth to give people ideas that can start to shift things to make a difference. 

If my people which are called by my name...will humble themselves and pray...I will hear and heal  their land. This is how I want to bless my beautiful blue world today.  Will you join me? 

 For a glimpse of that beauty, here is:

Sending my love to you and to all God's creatures,
O Happy Day!



  1. Dear Brenda,
    This is a beautiful post full of hope and love for our sweet Mother Earth. I so agree that we need to focus on all that is good and hopeful and have faith in the heavens that all will be as it should. Each and every one of us can make that small difference that makes the whole and we can have a beautiful vision of God's creation.
    Hugs xo

  2. This is a beautiful idea - to ask for God's blessing on our earth. Mankind has made such a mess of stewarding the amazing resources God has given to us. He can heal our land, our souls, our relationships.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Beautiful post Brenda, Yes, we shall rejoice and love our planet. Blessings, Linda

  4. So beautiful Brenda, beautiful!


  5. What a terrific post. You kept pointing back to the Giver of our dear Earth. So many Earth Day posts are about Earth and man's negative effects. Your post talked about the problems but also reminded us that Earth is a beautiful God gift as creator but that He can and des continue to bless Earth.
    Thank you for timely reminder to me, watch the words of my mouth

    1. Welcome to my blog, Gail! I'm pleased you stopped by... a couple of times now.

      Thank you so much for your thoughts to this posting. As I wrote it, I realized I was writing it for me too... to be more conscious to speak blessing over our world. I guess He knew we both needed that gentle reminder.


  6. Our beautiful planet does need mores special care...and our words can make a difference. I'm sure God is smiling when He sees us appreciate and care for this world He has made just for us.

  7. The story is charming, thanks a lot! I agree with you, and I'm also grateful for each one, who tries to make our lovely planet better. Sometimes we do not appreciate things around us. If we write more about it, maybe people will take care about our nature. Please, use this service college essay topics if you are not sure, you can write a good essay about Earth care, but you have many ideas.


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