Friday, May 02, 2014

A Little Housekeeping...A Little Mozart...

This morning we're tackling one little task...sorting through the binder that houses all the instruction manuals for our appliances and other home equipment. Isn't that fun? I bet you wanna run and do that too now...haha.

I'm not saying this out loud, but I went into the proverbial junk drawer in my kitchen to find those manuals from our latest purchases that never made it into the binder (why put them there in there in the first place, I ask you?)

Well, what a junk drawer indeed. A dog's breakfast! Besides a half a dozen pamphlets and booklets, there were assorted rubber bands, little white candles for emergencies, boxes of matches for said candles, BBQ lighters by the handful, washers and screws and a few phone outlet thing-ies, e-cloths... recipe cards, the nice velvet cover for the wine enhancer thing-y that adds air (sorry, my nouns have gone south today) name it, it was probably in there.

So while the binder upstairs in my office waited to be finished, we sorted, threw out, restored items to their rightful place.... and yes, we eventually got back to the binder. It's done too.

And now we're soooo exhausted :) from all that exertion, we're ready for a nice, restorative cuppa tea in my lovely teacup that says A cup of tea solves everything.

Through all this, we're enjoying a little Mozart. His music always makes me feel h-a-p-p-y. He's one of my top favorite composers... I can never quite decide who's number one for me: Mozart, Bach or Handel. Today it's Mozart.

The morning, which is almost noon as I finish this post, is bright with sunshine and blue skies, although there's this northerly biting wind blustering its unwelcome self into the picture.

However, with Herr Mozart humming something gloriously cheerful, who shall worry about the hint of more white stuff for the weekend. To ward off any feeling sorry about that, I'm offering this little bit of musical sunshine should you care to hum along with me.

I'd love to know if on the first few notes you, too, don't feel a rise in your 'happy' temperature. Let me know by leaving a comment here?

Oh yes, we're still on track with writing every day on my 30-day challenge (we're at Day 27). The rough draft has been slowing piling... and I now have 115 double-spaced pages. We are delighted to report that we've outstripped the original goal of 30,000 words in 30 days.  We're now happily sitting at 36,500 and we haven't even sat down to write today's quota. I'm now aiming for 40,000.  For me this is HUGE!

Anyways, that's my day so far...what's on your agenda? Whatever you're up to, I hope you add a spice of something nice to the mix.

"Oh, the joy of routing woodworm from the back-bedroom bureau! (What a recharging of the female batteries at discovering enough dirt under the sofa to plant pansies!)"
From her novel The Spring Cleaning Murders

On that note, here's wishing you a beautiful day,

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  1. you drawer sounds like the one I call my 'anything drawer' :) and I agree! every day is better with Mozart. (having trouble with your link but it might be my dinosaur computer;(

    I'm baking treats because our son turns 16 today and I'm working at my writer's meeting homework so I don't get spanked by Glynis Belec, our leader. Actually, she lets us off with whatever excuse we cook up knowing that at our age we know its our loss if we want to be lazy.

    Now I think I'll put some water on to boil and have some tea while lil guy I babysit and I ice some cupcakes...with Mozart:)

    Happy Friday

  2. Congratulations on your writing output! It's amazing what you've accomplished in 30 days. Hooray for you!
    I'm at school, on a break, so I can't listen to the music, but I do love Mozart. Or Beethoven or Bach or the Beatles or Abba. Like you, my favorite composer changes from day to day.

  3. Now this is a task for us one day. We cannot stuff another thing into another envelope. We need to go through the stack and box it up and start over for 2014. Did you find booklets for appliances dead twenty years ago? That always happens to me.

    Wonderful job of meeting your writing goals. Your commitment is impressive.

  4. I was amazed, Vee, at how few booklets for appliances dead these 20 years were actually in there. I think there were only about 3-4. I must have done this more recently than I remember.

  5. The link isn't working for me either :(
    I sorted through the dreaded drawer, although in our case it is drawers, a few weeks ago. I had the same thing going on with instruction manuals, some of them for appliances we haven't had for years.

  6. D'you know, we have a drawer just like that too! But what a good idea to have a folder for the appliance booklets.
    The link didn't work for me either.

  7. Oh yes, I have more than one drawer like that. lol I keep all my appliance booklets in a big cardboard box in the basement. Not very organized, but at least limited to that box! Good for you for being on track with writing. Always fun. And yes, I did add a spice of something to the mix of things today. I've been making soap - some with various spices. And I like Mozart's Requiem but other than that, my favorite in your list is Handel!

  8. Here's the link to the Mozart flute youtube:

  9. What a lovely inspiration to get my PILE of booklet / instructions reorganized! Home. Home. What a sweet word! Here's to sunshine, clear days, and tea in the afternoon!

  10. I just finished my Spring Cleaning before our family comes. I thought I'd stop by to see what you were up to. Now I know!
    My favorite place in anyone's home, is their Junk Drawer! All those fun things in one place.

    "My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance." —Erma Bombeck

  11. Brenda, thank you for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. It seems we have the same philosophy about beauty and how important it is. Are you writing a book? I have a half-finished one languishing on my desk :) It sounds like you are doing much better! congratulations! I always put on 40s music when I'm cleaning it's kind of happy and gets me going!

  12. I enjoyed reading your blog! I do so enjoy classical music! One of my sons who would play the classics on the piano for me has grown up and moved out! I, myself, have been doing chores and hanging laundry. Now the skies have turned to gray! Oh my! ---

  13. Now that I am on a computer that will open the a day opening wide to possibilities.

  14. Spring cleaning always makes you feel so organized! For a few days anyway! It seems you can never do enough, but it keeps us busy, doesn't it? I can imagine the sweet music drifting through your home with the tea kettle whistling along. I find that when I clean, my creative juices if only I could find a pen......wishing you inspiration for the written word, now that the junk drawer is clean! Hugs xo Karen


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