Friday, May 16, 2014

Away on a Writing Retreat

Just a wee note to let you know I'm away this weekend on a writers' retreat.

It's about two hours out into the country and I sure hope to catch glimpses of Spring unfurling her loveliness while I am out there. On second thought, forget the glimpses, I want full-fledged vistas of Spring in every corner, every nook, every pathway.

I'm told there are lots of trails for rambling (that'll be where I go to ponder out the next scene in my love story memoir.... or maybe I'll just go ramble and forget the pondering.)

Whenever I've read about some author who's taken time away from the usual business of life in some quiet corner to write, I've felt a little 'sigh' of desire.  To be able to actually carve out space and time, and not have to worry about cooking or laundry or grocery shopping even for just a few days...well, I never thought in a million years I'd be the one to do just that... but here I am. In the words that Susan Branch likes to often use, "If you can dream it, you can make it so."  Even little dreams like this one.

Now, it's not a go-away-and-be-by-myself retreat. That could prove too lonely.  There will be eight or nine of us lugging our equipment and writing projects to this lovely spot.

I'm hoping for coziness in my room, the sunshine warm on my back when I need a breath of fresh air, not to mention the inspiring camaraderie with the other participants. As one writer once put it, I'm looking for just the right balance between the availability of conversation and the availability of solitude.

I follow the creative road into the Light.

  I walk...wait...write...

On that note, I best go finishing my packing.
Wishing you a beautiful weekend with hugs,


  1. Oh, I'm excited for you!! I'm going on one in June, my first time. I have dreamed of doing it for many years. Can't wait to hear about yours!!


  2. Sounds wonderful! :) Hope you have a good and creative time! *hugs*


  3. I'm so thrilled for you. I've often thought a writing retreat would be a lovely thing - do share with us on your return. For now, wishing you the richness of spring, grand outpourings of inspiration, and full refreshment.

  4. Have a wonderful time away! It sounds as if it will be delightful. And I hope that you find spring there, too.

  5. I hope you'll share some of your experiences. It sounds close to "heaven" to me!

  6. That sounds idyllic. I hope you have a wonderful time and come back inspired.

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to be inspired!! Have a good time!

  8. wonderful! wish I could join you!

  9. After all my visits to your beautiful blog, I think you should be one of the instructors of the writing retreat. Your writing always is a blessing to me. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time.

  10. Brenda, this sounds so wonderful! I have just, in the past few days, pulled out the book I had been working on. It's been gathering a little dust. It's a dream of mine to write, but I battle so many things in sitting down to write. Once I get started, it's good though. You're right, so many distractions at home. I'd love to hear about your writing. Hope you have a wonderful retreat!


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