Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Lesson of the Lipstick. Part 1

L'Oreal Intense No. 285
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I am a girl. And although I'm not a high glamour girl, I do like wearing my lipstick.

On days when I'm in a hurry (or I don't feel like dressin' up) the lipstick is still a required accessory for all outfits and every occasion, even when I'm just pulling on comfort clothes at three o'clock in the morning for work at the local performing arts centre.

I find it interesting that one of my close neighbors has commented on more than one occasion that whenever she sees me out and about, I always look so 'put together'. Although I'm pleased for the compliment, I have wondered what exactly causes her to see me that way...especially when we often meet while I'm out gardening, putting compost into the bins or getting the mail. I mean, some days I am not 'put together' at all.

Then one day, I twigged onto it... it's because I always wear lipstick. It's that one little simple thing that I have found rounds out any outfit and adds a touch of glamour... even to my old gardenin' clothes.

And here's a little tip I've learned: if you learn to use a lip-liner (as close to your natural lip colour as possible) to outline the lip line before applying lipstick, this seems to truly give it a more finished look.

So... lipstick has its important place in my life and because it's one of those little things that helps make my life feel more beautiful, I thought it deserved its very own blog posting.

Tomorrow I want to share Part 2 to this topic. Because there is another neat story connected to my lipstick that is of a more heavenly nature.

On that note,

I'm blowing you kisses
and wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.....


  1. I very rarely wear lipstick. I am so air that I find lipstick 'drowns' me!

    1. That should read 'Fair'!!

    2. I look forward to reading your next post. I've been thinking I'd like to wear a little lipstick....just have a hard time finding one that lasts and doesn't dry out my lips.....

  2. From now on, it's lipstick for me! Thanks Brenda! Look forward to your next post. :)

  3. Spring has sprung on your blog! Beautiful! I always wear lipstick, too. That bit of color cheers me up when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror so I assume others feel the same.

  4. after reading this I went and brushed my hair and put on lip-stick! I feel like a new person! now, off to do...dishes;)

  5. As recently as two years ago, I would have been the same way. I do think lipstick looks great. These days I have had to switch to a bit of gloss. I do wonder about that product called Tangee...and, no, I do not own stock in the company. =D

  6. Hi Brenda....Do you wear pink? Red? The same color all the time? The same brand? I like wearing lipstick, too, and once in awhile, like wearing red. Susan

  7. The colour in the photo in my posting is what I'm wearing these days. I like changing colours from time to time. I find the colours I could wear when I was younger look garish on me now. So I opt for something that's closer to my natural lip colour but brighter. This one seems to work.

    I used to wear red, but now all I see is lips coming down the road if I wear it. So no more.

  8. I discovered the joys and pleasures of lipstick in my late teens and haven't looked back! Cool post, sister :)

  9. I can never seem to leave the house without gloss or lipstick on. Can't wait for your next post!

  10. Hi! I'm a new fan of your blog, what a relaxing and fun place to visit! I love your tip about lipstick - I always feel a little more put-together with lipstick on, but sometimes, I just plain forget. I love L'Oreal lipstick, it just seems to stay on better than some, and doesn't dry out my lips!

  11. I hear you, Brenda! I never go anywhere without my lipstick! It's part of me and I would feel plain naked without it. Lol And, I love the colour here.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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