Thursday, April 03, 2014

Lesson of the Lipstick. Part 2

Buying a new tube of my current favourite lipstick was not on my shopping list that day.

I was out doing errands, not being in any great rush, just minding my own business one sunny afternoon. 

And then I felt a gentle urging on the inside to go into Shoppers Drug Mart and buy myself a new lipstick. It came like a little feather thought, not urgent, not commanding. Just flitted in and out. I didn't pay attention. But then it came a day or two later when I was out again.

This time I stopped. It's you, Lord, talking to me. All right. I don't need it right now, but since you're urging me to go, I will pop in right now and get it.

I made my selection, went to the checkout and, to my surprise and delight, it was on SALE! There were no signs indicating that L'Oreal was having a sale that day.

You can imagine I was tickled pink! What fun!

The best part for me was that my heart had caught His voice on the breeze, and as a result I now had a new lipstick in my favourite shade of pink and it was even on sale (which at the time was also special as I didn't have a lot for extras right then).
I've often thought about this little lipstick story. And, I'm sharing it with you this particular week because, you see, I heard that same small voice telling me to write about it now.  I pray it blesses you in the tender places of your heart.....

Because He Cares For Us!

God pays attention to what matters to us. He notices the details of our lives. That's what Love does. It looks for ways to delight the heart of the Beloved. Sometimes it's for no special's one of those 'just because' moments.

Because He Wants Us To Hear His Voice!

If we are in relationship with someone, we need to be able to communicate. To hear and listen to one another. It's the same with our relationship with God.
The Lord and I have this little 'game' we play. We're not playing games, if you know what I mean. But in my desire to have a heart that is tuned to hear His Voice always, I've asked Him to give me practice runs on things that don't really matter, that is to say, they are not life or death. But so that I learn to recognize when it's Him speaking.  Sometimes we hear clearly, other times we're not sure.
Because, you see, there will probably come a time in my each of our lives...when something will come up that will be more urgent, more life defining. And I'd like to be prepared so that I can KNOW it's Him speaking and not just my own thoughts. I believe it will be imperative that each of us learns to recognize His voice in these perilous times.

To learn to be in the right place at the right time.  To jump when He says jump, or don't go down that little alley right now. That sort of thing.
And of course, for simple joys such as buying a new lipstick and finding it on sale.

So that's the lesson of the lipstick.

And now...with a gentle kiss atop thy head,


  1. I believe this to be profoundly true. My pastor and his wife have no money for extras either, yet they are well dressed and live comfortable lives and support missions and the church and practice hospitality and all those things. I will follow your link sometime today IF The Lord reminds me. ☺

  2. God is in the tiniest of things, isn't that wonderful!

  3. Brenda I love your little lipstick story! It really got me thinking, and I'm going to check out that book too. I desire always to be more in tuned to God's voice :-) Thanks for this story!!


  4. God cares so much for each detail of our lives. Love this story.

  5. Wonderful poignant message. So glad I receive your refreshing notes.
    ~ C.

  6. Beautifully said, Brenda!! Have a great weekend! Love your posts!


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