Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Introducing My Dust Bunnies

"Please don't feed the dust bunnies."

Dust bunnies are quite shy, did you know that? They tend not to come out into the wide open spaces but prefer nice quiet, undisturbed corners of one's house. Under beds and behind book cases seem to be particular favourites. That's why I was quite surprised to find a pair of them right out in the open yesterday. Perhaps they thought they could get away with not being seen, what with all manner of Easter bunnies showing up this time of year. But we spotted them right away. Cute though, aren't they, with those big brown eyes. Amiable too.

Judy mentioned the other day that she enjoys the way I share my dust bunnies stories. I smiled. Oh my, I didn't realize just how often they do figure into the conversation around here. As we all know in blogland, just about anything works for blogging material, doesn't it!

Neither hubby or I put dusting near the top of any to-do list. We seem quite able to live happily ever after with our little dusty friends. It's only when the sunlight makes their presence too well known along the piano top or bookshelf that we take feather dusters and skitter them all away....for the time being at least. It isn't long before one sees evidence of their quiet return.

If dust bunny conversations really stir up your sense of fun and imagination, then you might enjoy some of my past posts on the subject.

The dusting is done. The carpets are cleaned. And today we're gathering up the silver for polishing (believe me I don't do that very often, but I'm in the mood). On that note, I'm away.

Wishing you a beautiful, bunny-free day,


  1. You did make me laugh! Mine like to gather together in the hallway under the telephone table....

  2. Adorable little stories :-)


  3. Oh that's right! You have guests on their way. Yes, everything is blog fodder. = D

  4. Sweet little dust bunnies! Enjoy the puttering about your home.

  5. Now if all dust bunnies were that cute perhaps we wouldn't mind dusting so much! They do make pretty fun blog posts though. Good advise on the "please don't feed them".

  6. Oh, it's that time of your dust bunny stories. So cute. xo Karen

  7. Love yoyr little dust bunny stories! I care for lots of them in my house...they jump about when my Wrigley runs by them on pursuit of Grampa! Great post!
    Now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'???

  8. Enjoy your family celebration this weekend! I love bringing out the good silver! That makes it even more special:)

  9. spring cleaning time here too as the family has left-sheets and towels galore to wash, etc.!


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