Monday, May 02, 2011

A New Day... Still Remembering

It's a new day... a new week... a new season!  Joy mingles with sorrow today, but it is good.  It would seem that the good Lord, in tending to the comfort of this sheep of His, has sent me feathery comfort through the songs and chatter of the many birds who are busy in my backyard on this beautiful spring morning.

Missing my little Kitty, I am greatly cheered to hear their pretty songs and cheeky whistles. She would have loved poking around the garden on such a day.  She was usually not one to chase after birds, she chose objects nearer her 'size' -- butterflies and bugs -- but she certainly enjoyed watching their movements from a sunny spot in the garden.  And there was nothing like a snooze on the lounger on the deck.

Wishing you joy and peace....
and heart hugs to those who may be in sad places this day!


  1. life is full of opposition in all things....

  2. Isn't it amazing how often we find our greatest comfort in times of sadness by looking at God's creations? The beauty is always restful and soothing to our grieving hearts.

    It seems like the trees around our house are all suddenly alive with birds and squirrels. I have been enjoying watching and listening to them very much. I also found a wild patch of blackberries growing in my yard this weekend.

    It is so pretty, loaded with berries in every shade of red and deep purple. I think they will provide a nice treat for the birds and other little animals. I hope you have a restful evening ahead and I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will continue to find comfort in your happy thoughts and memories of your dear kitty. Delisa

  3. Am so glad for the birdies...they really do have a gift for bringing joy and cheer to any day.

  4. Sending you lots of hugs this week! Enjoy the sunshine... curl up with a good book in a ray or two and just be.


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