Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Sweet Kitty


It's been a weekend mixed with joy and sorrow.  In life that's often how things come. The joy of the Royal Wedding, as wonderful as it all was to watch, was tinted with a sorrow of the heart as I watched my dear, sweet Miss Kitty slowly dwindling away.  Unwell for a while, we kept hoping that she'd rally.  She was already tiny and with no desire to eat any more, there seemed little else the vet could do for her.

By yesterday evening we knew in our hearts that she couldn't carry on this way, and our very caring vet said it was the best for her too. This afternoon, as she lay with her head nestled on my hand,  and Rick stroking her as she used to enjoy, we bid her farewell and she gently slipped away.

In memory and celebration of

Miss Kitty
May 1995 - April 30, 2011

Thank you, dear Father, for giving us this sweet kitty
to love and be loved by her.

Thank you for the great pleasure and comfort

she gave us so freely.

Thank you for all the sweet and funny things she did
that made us laugh with joy and rejoice that she was in our lives.
Thank you for loving your little creatures
and for receiving what you love back to yourself.

We celebrate her life
and give You praise for your good gift to us!

 "Well loved"

We'll miss you so, so much, Missy!

Furry hugs and little purry kisses,


  1. Farewell to a true princess, a faithful friend and companion, Miss Kitty. X0X

  2. I'm so sorry Brenda for the loss of your Miss Kitty. The loving and tender care you showed her was beautiful and compassionate. I remember reading a scripture once that said: "God loves those who care for the souls of their domestic animals". I find that so comforting when a dear animal friend passes away. To know that our heavenly father sees our love, and acknowledges our feelings. He notices the very passing of a sparrow. How much more so; those creatures we love and who have loved us in return. Delisa

  3. How sad, Brenda. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

  4. Oh Brenda!

    How very sad for you both! I am so sorry she left you. We are never ready, are we?? What a fortunate little girl to have a loving home with you! I am sending you comforting thoughts today!



  5. OOoooooph...shedding tears here. That was such a sweet tribute and prayer. May comfort and sweet memories be yours...

  6. My heart is sad and my eyes are full of tears...

    I will miss her also, as I enjoyed hearing about her.

    Please except my prayers and condolences.

  7. Ohhh... you don't know how much my heart is comforted by your beautiful comments. Tears streaming down my cheeks, but it's good.

    In the midst of the tears we are enjoying the beauty of a bright spring day with birds singing in our yard. That is also comforting.

  8. We're sorry to hear the sad news about your beloved Miss Kitty. May the good memories of your lady cat give you some comfort now...

  9. Beautiful post, Brenda. It's always so difficult when a beloved pet leaves us. Big hugs!

  10. I'm so sorry about the passing of Miss Kitty! I was devastated when I had to put my calico aptly named Calli to sleep over 20 years ago. Animals have a way of getting deep into your heart!!

  11. sounds like she lived a full loving life with you...

  12. You have my sympathy at the passing of Miss Kitty. I know how important and precious she was to you and Rick. To a small extent I understand your pain as I have mourned over the passing of pets in the past. I will pray for you. Ruth

  13. So sorry to hear about your kitty. We have two cats. Animals become such close family and are dearly loved. Keeping you in my prayers.

  14. Your Miss Kitty was beautiful. I know how it is to miss a furry friend. Shedding some tears too. Hope them birdies sing twice as much for you.


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