Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Leave Home Without A Book!


"We raked books off the shelves by the dozens and hauled them along on picnics, to haylofts, up oak trees, to bath and to bed. The one terrifying possibility was of finding oneself without a book." ~ Kathleen Norris, 1941

To find oneself without a book ... oh my, that would be terrible. I recognize the feeling completely. The one time I decide not to pop a book into my bag 'because I won't need it on this outing' is often the very time I find myself stuck, stalled, or otherwise in a waiting mode for something else to happen.

Which is why I decided to take the old American Express motto to heart and make it a non-negotiable rule: No matter where I go or how short a trip I think it'll be: Don't leave home without it.

So, to keep life beautiful even in the waiting moments ... don't leave home without it!

Wishing you a great day,


  1. Well, aren't you kind? Thanks for the link up! Do you read Kathleen Norris, too? I think there is a new book of hers that I haven't read. Otherwise, I THINK I've read all of them. She's an interesting and thoughtful author(ess).

  2. well, i always have some paper and a pen along so I can write something in my spare!

  3. Such a great idea to always be with a book. I often find myself so loaded down with the children's books that I rarely have my own. I do however love to just be able to sit and read the weekly papaer while waiting at the bus stop. ;)

  4. I always have a journal handy and now I have my wonderful eReader so I can LOTS of books handy!

  5. I even keep'em in my car. Big,old basket with easy reads, plus my Bible.

  6. It pays to be prepared, so you don't let any time go to waste. We prefer to nap, but to each her own! ;-)

  7. To you "Good Cats".... naps are good too! And I've been known to let my eyes close as I wait in sunny spots for things to progress.

    But we still love to have that proverbial book to tuck noses into in spare moments.


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