Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wishing on Every Candle

"It's important," thought Pooh,
"to wish on every
birthday candle,
for you can't be sure which is the
wishiest one."

(from a Hallmark Disney Card)

So reads the Winnie the Pooh birthday card I'm sending
this week to a long-time friend.

We not only share April as our birthday month
but we both bounced into this world on the same year.

So the good news is that we each get to
make 54 wishes...

because, after all, you can't be sure which
candle is the wishiest one!

Mmmm.... making wishes is serious business
so I'll have to ponder them beforehand.

Happy Birthday to my friend!

And here's wishing you all a happy day!


  1. That Pooh! He's a deep thinker. Happy Birthday month to both you and Ruth!

  2. Wish on every candle - I like that. Happy Birthday to you and your friend.

  3. Oh we so love Pooh around my house....just the greatest.

    Well Happy Birthday...we have two in our house this weekend, and just finished three April birthdays!!! April babies are wonderful people.

  4. you can't tell your wishes-then they don't come!

  5. Hey Lin, I forgot that part... maybe I won't share my list then LOL!

  6. Oh Pooh - what a wise and silly ole bear! Happy Birthday Month to you and your friend!

  7. Happy Birthday, Brenda! And again, thank you for the's absolutely amazing! Every bit as lovely in real life. And I love the spacing of the lines and page sizes...Must more fitting to my hand-writing style than other journals that I have where I find the lines are too close together for my large handwriting!! So excited to begin using it! Really, truly, thank you!!!

    And thanks for the lovely note and notecard! - Jocelyn

  8. Not sure if my comment got through to you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my journal! Thank you! And Happy Birthday!

  9. I like Pooh's thinking! That is a lot of wishes. Would love to see your list.......well maybe after they come true you can share.


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