Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monet and Being Short-Sighted

Claude Monet --  Artist's Garden at Giverny, 1900

I never considered being short-sighted and having to wearing eyeglasses a positive thing, although I was grateful for my corrective lens. But when I came across a fellow named Daniel at Mr. London Street, I enjoyed and appreciated reading his own view on being near-sighted:

“It’s great being shortsighted. Because any time I like I can take my glasses off and the world looks just like an Impressionist painting.”

Now, that's a delightful way to look at it. Which reminds me of the fun I used to have as a girl at Christmas time, when I could take off my eyeglasses and watch the twinkly lights on our decorated evergreen tree turn into halo-circled fairy-tale sparkles. Loved it.
For those of us who wear glasses, maybe we should take them off more often and give ourselves a new perspective on what we're looking at around us. Just sayin' !

Happy Impressions,


  1. Oh... how... TRUE!

    Love Claude Monet

  2. good idea, especiall when we want to judge others...

  3. thanks so much for the link to the plate Brenda! I am going there now to explore and no doubt BUY! Helen x

  4. Wonderful point! NOW I know what I can say when I take off my glasses and people ask if my eyes ache --- "Nopers, I want to an impression of you..." :P

  5. How wonderful! As someone who is visually 'challenged' I can relate. Life is what you choose to make it