Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 41. Keeper of the Springs by Ingrid Trobisch

Today I want to give you a peek into a favourite book of mine.

Keeper of the Springs
Making Home the Place for Which You're Longing
by Ingrid Trobisch

In this beautifully written book with lovely illustrations, the author shares her thoughts about the beauty of homekeeping and the value of  cultivating beauty, preserving tradition, and creating atmosphere in the midst of one's hectic family life.

Here's an excerpt from the inside cover...

"Gatekeepers, innkeepers, timekeeper -- each understands their task and is devoted to preserving the important things. Using as a metaphor the springs on her Ozark property, Ingrid Trobisch offers time-tested inspiration for tending the spiritual center of house and home.

These springs, an earthen bridge, and a rushing stream are powerful pictures of Ingrid's homekeeping on three continents: in a mud hut in Africa, a Bavarian cottage in Austria, and a hand-hewn rock farmhouse in the American heartland. Come sip lemonade on her front porch, stroke her grandmother's worn patchwork quilt, take in the aroma from a thousand village fires in an Ethiopian wooden pillow. Draw courage and inspiration from Ingrid's joyful reflection as a keeper of Shelter."

In our post-modern world, there is even a greater need for the art of home-keeping, for cultivating beauty and preserving traditions that make our lives meaningful, not to mention creating a loving atmosphere in the midst of our hectic lives.

This book by Ingrid Trobisch reminds me that no matter that we're in the 21st century, no matter that life is filled with so much technology or world-wide horrors, there are some things that are worth keeping and passing along to the next generation.

Gracefully yours,


  1. wow first you taught me about joy bubbles and now keeper of the springs, you are such a inspiration to someone with a sad
    case of writers block. If I keep reading your blogs who knows what I might come up with. Rosalie

  2. Rosalie,

    As always, I appreciate your enthusiastic comments!



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