Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 29. Dust Bunnies and Beauty Tips


I've been busy dusting this morning. You see, while I was away at an inspirational Women's Conference this past weekend, it appears that the local Dust Bunnies Society used my house as its venue for their own meeting place. As the sun streams into my living room, I can see that a good time must have been had by all -- very visible signs of their presence are in every corner!

I'm reminded of Dorothy Cannell's musings on spring cleaning in her mystery novel entitled The Spring Cleaning Murders:
"Oh, the joy of routing woodworm from the back-bedroom bureau! (What a recharging of the female batteries at discovering enough dirt under the sofa to plant pansies!)"

I can relate. I, too, feel a great satisfaction in discovering layers of dust and erasing them with a stealthy swipe of the hand. The thicker the layer, the more recharged and satisfied I feel!

There's a certain beauty in getting rid of the excess clutter, putting things back in their places, and adding a gleam of polish to furniture pieces. For me, bringing order out of chaos in my cupboards, closets and corners plays a key role in making my life more beautiful...I'm happier when things are in place, and I find I'm more creative and energetic too.

Here are Five Beauty Tips for your home
1. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
2. Keep only what you believe to be beautiful or useful.
3. Don't spend dollar time on penny jobs.
4. Don't just wait for 3-hour slots to clean; use 5- and 10-minute time spots too.
5. Clean one at a time--one drawer, one shelf, one cupboard, one set of files, one bathroom.You can carry on, if you're so inclined.

On that note, I'm off to round up more dusty bunnies... it seems those rascals used every room in the house!
Wishing you a beautiful day,


  1. rosalie said...

    Oooo yes I was at that women's conference too, Brenda. What a glorious time but afraid I don't have your perkiness (is there such a word??) ha ha. The dust bunnies moved into my house also. Not only dust but they must have cooked a gourmet meal for 20 the amount of dishes they stacked up. Also they jumped all over my beds and left them completely disrupted and I think they had a dirt bath in the bathroom after they threw the towels all over. Oh those bunnies, I just don't know how to overcome their mess, only one way, get out the mops, the dust cloths, the elbow greese and get to work. Well maybe tomorrow, today is too nice outside.

  2. Rosalie,

    Too funny! It's interesting those dusty bunnies descended on your house the same weekend! They must have collaborated on that one!


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