Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 25. Blogging Is Great!

It's time for a mini-success celebration! I have arrived at Day 25, which means I'm a quarter of the way to my goal to write 100 postings in 100 days.

I never realized how much impact creating this blog would have on the rest of my writing life. I can't seem to stay away from the computer. Not only am I posting on my blog every day, but I've corresponded with other bloggers, written an essay and submitted it to my favourite magazine, entered other writing contests, and have dusted off dreams of writing a book or two (before, as my mother says, she's too old to read them).

The best part is my continued enthusiasm and commitment to write every single day! The practice that many of my favourite authors have said is a must to be a success at writing.

When Ann Vertel asked me to share my blog address with her three weeks ago, I had only a couple of rough drafts and my profile started. I had "met" Ann in cyberspace a while back when I signed up for her weekly e-newsletter regarding motivational coaching. As fellow bloggers, we'd been in touch on occasion. Now she was asking for my blog address.

Well, I couldn't send it with so little content in I went to town and wrote and designed like mad (learning as I went, as this was all new to me). By the end of the day I sent Ann my address and I've never looked back. So Ann, I owe you a huge thank you...your motivational gift was even working in that simple request!

This blog has been the catalyst of getting me out of the 'one of these days' mindset to doing something in the present, from feeling like the Dead Sea (where water only flows in) to feeling like a gently flowing river, where incoming water that has refreshed my soul is now flowing out to refresh and encourage someone else! Loving that feeling of flow.

Joyfully on a roll,

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  1. Happy Day 25! I check every day when on line to see if you posted a new blog. I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a new one. So keep on bloggin!


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