Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Day 17. September And New Beginnings

It happens every single year. No matter how many seasons pass, when September rolls around with its hints of crisp, cool mornings and falling leaves, there comes with it a feeling that a brand new year is about to begin ... a year abounding with wonderful possibilities.

I used to love heading off to school armed with sharp pencils, pristine scribblers, and new crayons. I would feel a shiver of delight as I'd reach for the new reader and textbooks being handed round to everyone in the class. Even though I felt a little nervous on those first days, I loved finding out where I was going to sit amongst the neat rows of desks and to know it was my desk ... my place for the coming year. Along with that, there would be the secret hope that maybe this year my clean scribblers would stay neater, tidier, and less dog-eared longer. And, maybe this year math wouldn't be quite so scary, and the boy I liked would like me too.

Of course, we're not heading off to school anymore, but for me my inner clock is still tuned to September as the start of a new year. I often still celebrate this first week by gathering up new notebooks and pens, picking up the routines and schedules I'd thrown to the wind back in July, and I begin to dream and plan for my 'new term' of creative work, abuzz with renewed motivation and energy.

Effort, and
Trying your best
Each hour of the day,
Making new friends,
Being good as you can
Exciting discoveries,
Reading books with a friend."
Boni Fulgham 

I like this little bit of poetry by Boni Fulgham -- seems that not that much has changed from our old school days -- we still try our best, make new friends, explore new discoveries, read books.
Does September indicate a new year for you? What kind of plans do you have for this fall?

Wishing you a wonderful September,

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  1. I really like # 7 "get going out the door" just going to the Buck or Two and finding a pretty new candle for my home gives me great delight .


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